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How To disable Windows Activation


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Good Morning to all!...

I'm sorry for asking this but the connection I have to the internet is dialup running at 28.8 so running a search would take all **** day. Can someone tell me how to disable the windows activation?.. My uncle rebuilt his machine and is being asked to register with Microsoft.

Any help would be apreaciated.



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Well one of the problems with reactivating it, is that after a certain amount of times reinstalling the OS you have to physically phone in to get a new CD-key....doesn't matter if its the same hardware...being activated from the same IP or not....after you hit that limit....its time to call MS.

Normally they (MS) are on the ball and you can be on and off the phone with in 5min...tho there are times I've seen it take upwards of 30min and I've heard a few horror storys of it going much longer than that.

I personally think the way its setup is crap.

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