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Easy CD-DA Extractor Registration


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how do you silent install? What are u talking about the autoit script or this app?



I have complis the script of Easy CD-DA Extractor 7.1.3 in Easy_CD_DA_Extractor_7.1.3_au3.exe, so when it's installed in unattend install, it's show the installation window, so my question is: is possible know the switch to hiden the install window of Easy CD-DA Extractor 7.1.3, i hope you understand beter.

Thanks for your help.


PS...Sorry for my bad english.

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Hello, for easy cd-da extractor 9 u have to copy these files:



After u registered the program.

After u just have to install it and replace the original files with the ones u copied :)

But i can t find how to do a silent instal :/ :/ :/

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Ok... I think I've got it:

Actually there are two keys to change :



that is actually the SAME key in registiry.... the upper one is only a "shortcut" in registry structure...

to be more precise:


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