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problem with windows 98


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Hi to all,

I'm really dummy in batch file so please help me...

i would like to know what wrong with my autoexec.bat, i had read all the topics and i have made many modification to my 98se.ima but always the same problem in Virtual PC.... (invalid directory)

p.s. My XP and 2000 work fine :rolleyes: but 98 :realmad:


%RAMD%:\extract /y /e /l %RAMD%: ebd.cab > NUL

echo The diagnostic tools were successfully loaded to drive %RAMD%.


LH %ramd%:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:W





echo Now installing Windows 98 SE


echo Loading...



cd \Setup\98SE





thank :wacko:


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It looks like you have a problem here:

%RAMD%:\extract /y /e /l %RAMD%: ebd.cab > NUL

it looks like RAMD is empty, make sure that BEFORE you assign a drive leteer to RAMD, like this:


then, I think you have a problem with

"\" and ":"

If RAMD = something like X: you do not need the :

If RAMD = something like X:\ you do not need the \

If RAMD = something like X you miss a \ in the second part.

Moreover I do not think that EXTRACT.EXE is ALREADY on RAMD!

Assumed that RAMD is something like X your line should be:

extract /y /e /l %RAMD%:\ebd.cab > NUL


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%RAMD% is a microsoft variable used on the original install disks.

If you want to use the same logical assignments, then you need to copy the whole section.

But it is far easier to "set RAMD=x" then it wont change between pcs.

where x is the drive letter to use. Bear in mind that certain letters cannot be used: A,B,C.... so use a letter down the alphabet so you dont get any clashes.


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