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explorer.exe error in windows 2000


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when i click any html files on my windows explorer its automatically getting closed by showing an error "explorer.exe has generated some errors. You will need to restart the program" Plz let me know what's the problem here and how to fix it...

thnx & bye


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I have just recently come across a system with this same error. My is recreated while attempting to copy/paste particularly when pasting. It will also show up while browsing files in my computer. I have yet to fix the isue, but will keep everyone updated when I find out more tonight. Shansravi, have you tried anything so far to fix the issue?

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I get this same error on a friends pc, but with many programs.

I feel that it is viral, but I've used so many scanning utils to clean

up the rig that it's getting very annoying.

All of Norton, Panda, InVircible, Sentinal 2, Spybot, Adware, and Hijackthis...

The computer is almost unusable.

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As MCT sayed install latest IE patch,

if that don't work reinstall IE + latest host fix please take a look at MS KB293907

If that don't work install the latest servicepack and all the patcher again.

Velusip: I had the same problem on a new installation at work - that several program crached, the problem was caused by one application. Sysinternals have a lot of free tools http://www.sysinternals.com/ that you can use.

I hope this help

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