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Lawsuit gwahahaha.

I guess you're paranoid, but that's cool. ATI should've made it easier, but why bother creating installer that cost arm and leg just to prevent anyone trying silent install? Maybe it's time for ATI to quit making our life a living hell, otherwise I'll go back to nVidia, cuz it's much simplier.

Maybe you could sent them an email, and let them what I've been up to... and I wonder how they'll react?

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Someone just sent me an email saying they couldn't get my method to work. I've used it on like 4 different versions with no problems. They stated they are trying to use it as:

I haven't had much luck with long paths in the command. You must remember this install is thinking it is pulling from a CD. I usually copy it to a folder right off the root of C: like C:\Decoder or something and it works fine. Also remember this doesn't work on the package you download...they put checks in there that this doesn't fool. You have to first have a valid CD and run the downloaded package to get the EXE file that installs it. This app also checks for a valid CD and can be fooled with my approach. Thus, I also cover my butt with ATI in that you need a valid CD to do it in the first place, then those of us with legit copies can run it in silent, etc after it is extracted/downloaded with the package.
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Was trying to play some HDTV 1920x1080 content on my computer and found that it just plain doesn't work too well. So went around looking for MPEG2 decoders and remembered, doesn't ATI have something like that for my BBA ATI 9800 Pro!? I bit the bullet and opened up my cd/manual package that was still in shrinkwrap :(, popped that in, got the update utility from ATI's website, and proceeded to figure out how to install it without the CD.

I'm going to post the link to the setup program that the update utility downloads because you still need the cd to run the setup program, so I think it's okay. Plus their link is so simple I don't think they really care about hiding it.

Link to setup.exe : [url="http://www2.ati.com/drivers/setup.exe"]http://www2.ati.com/drivers/setup.exe[/url]

As posted earlier, the setup program checks for the files \BIN\aticdfp.sys and \Install\DVDDcdr\DVDDcdr.dat. Simply copy these files and run setup with the right parameters, right? Well, aticdfp.sys is 108MB! Now comes the fun part:

1. Open up command prompt.
2. Change directory to the place where your copy of aticdfp.sys is. (NOT ON CD)
3. Run: fsutil sparse setflag aticdfp.sys.
4. Run: fsutil sparse setrange aticdfp.sys 4096 38067485.
5. Run: fsutil sparse setrange aticdfp.sys 38117149 76139699.

Now it's only using 192kb! Use your favorite compression program (HINT HINT: NOT WINZIP) that supports sparse (bzip, rar?) or is atleast smart enough to notice it's 99.999999999% 0's (rar, 7zip).

Note: You could probably put tighter boundaries on the sparse ranges but sparse segments comes in 64kb blocks, so it doesn't really matter.

Also, a note about the long paths, I have spaces in mine, but I use quotes and it works. I wrote a simple batch file like the following:
[code]cmdow @ /HID

setup.exe /z-w"%CWD%"[/code]
I'm not sure if you can call a batch file from 7z's sfx script, if someone tries/knows LMK.

A little update: With the ATI DVD Decoder (Cyberlink with Hardware Acceleration), I can play the 1920x1080 HDTV content only using 40-50% cpu, vs 10fps at 100% cpu with ffdshow or 15fps with dscaler! :D

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Went to this thread and pulled out my old driver cd and installed the ATI decoder, it's pretty good compared to all the commercial bloated ones, Tried the one compiled by the other guy works but the decoder is installed, but just not functional. If Anyone can help me with the .msi, I can see all the coponents it installs but just cannot create a setup file for it, cos it still keeps asking to run from setup. I running Installshield Pro 11.5 Trialware, not many days left for the trial to expire, so if anyone can help me

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[quote name='tommy_vercetti' post='429402' date='Dec 4 2005, 02:42 AM']Hi,

Went to this thread and pulled out my old driver cd and installed the ATI decoder, it's pretty good compared to all the commercial bloated ones, Tried the one compiled by the other guy works but the decoder is installed, but just not functional. If Anyone can help me with the .msi, I can see all the coponents it installs but just cannot create a setup file for it, cos it still keeps asking to run from setup. I running Installshield Pro 11.5 Trialware, not many days left for the trial to expire, so if anyone can help me


Use the batch code I have in my previous post. Save that in a .bat file in the same directory as the msi/setup. You still need to use setup.exe (the one mentioned in my above post).

Basically, actually do some reading and follow the instructions in my post :P

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Im sorry you did not get me, I paid for the ATi card I am allowed to use that product without frequent request for my now old cd, In the ATiDec.msi I can see all the modules, what I want is to reengineer it,I know that's wrong but still I paid for it. So I just need to make a setup.exe for the msi or make changes in the msi, tried doing that but was not able to do that properly, any help would be welcome.

P.S. If you think my views violates the MSFN forum rules pls close this post Edited by tommy_vercetti
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Great tip for the setup.exe /z-w switches. All works for me. I have a Connect3D Radeon 9500 NP, and was a little disappointed to discover I couldn't install the ATI DVD Decoder, even tho I have the original CD - I'm guessing it was because I have an OEM version of the card.

Now I can make the most of the Adaptive de-interlacing that's built-in, primarily for experimenting with AVISynth stuff.

Anyway, I created my own little batch file to automate the process of installing from setup.exe.
Simply paste into notepad, save as a *.bat file and run from the same folder as setup.exe. I found that it didn't matter where you create your fakecd directory tree (can be many levels deep) and that you can spoof the files it looks for. I'd be interested to hear if this works for folks:

[font="System"]@ECHO OFF
setlocal enableextensions
pushd %CD%
mkdir fakecd\BIN
cd fakecd
SET schwing=%CD%
mkdir install\DVDDcdr
cd bin
echo fakefile > aticdfp.sys
cd ..\install\DVDDcdr
echo fakefile > DVDDcdr.dat
start /WAIT Setup.exe /z-w"%schwing%"
IF EXIST fakecd rd /S /Q fakecd

Regarding that stupid atiCDwiz.exe file that ATI tricked me into thinking is the actual installer, you can easily get round the CD check with a little tool called [url="http://www.securitysoftware.cc/apps.html"]Enabler[/url]. Quite honestly, I don't know why they bother with such checks, when programs like Media Player Classic (with in-built filters) are freely available and the quality difference may be negligible, depending on your graphics card.

Anyway, for completeness, here's how I did it:

Simply insert any old CD, point it at that CD and click Next. Click ok when it say "Valid ATI CD not found". Then run enabler, double click on ATI CD Wizard Page 2 of 4, look for where it says &Next and right-click that, then left click Enable.

The enable button will no longer be greyed out, and you can progress to download setup.exe.

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Hi there!

I found very useful info here. I have a Radeon 9550 256MB AGP.
I have installed everything for the dvd decoder to work. I stuck in installing the ATI DVD Player, because it also asks for a cd-serial number, that the included-cd doesn't have!
I have Power DVD 6 Installed.

My question is...

How on Earth can i finally use the card's on board DVD Decoder????????
What are the needed settings???

I have installed Windows Media Encoder, Ati Media Center and everything exept from Ati DVD Player, but i've read that the Power DVD Player can also be used. But how?????

Thank you for your time!
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Well.. after thinking about it and all those hours i've spent searching and all those stuff installed on my P3 1GHz, i decided to give up the try.

With all those ati software stuff, i noticed some strange behaviour on some game graphics, so i decided to keep my system simple. Unless there's a way to use that h/w decoder with installing only one app.
In Power DVD settings, there's a "enable hardware acceleration" check button.
When i check this, my cpu usage during dvd playback is around 35% and without having anything installed (no ati media center, no ati decoder or anything else.).
When i un-check this, cpu usage climbs up to 75%.
The same exactly was the behaviour with all those ati software stuff.

On the other hand, i find that on windows media player, in menu tools -> options -> performance -> advanced, the "Prefered decoder" settings are frozen... and still was that way after installing all ati software.

So no more framework, ati media center, windows media decoder, ati decoder, and many many more that finally proved to be completelly useless to me.

I now only have the latest version of drivers and i am happy! Edited by nio
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Not going to give up so easily, to all ATi users I have taken out all the DVD decoding filters and attached to this post, you can use a bacth file to register this to your windows and use them.


Good news I am planning on making a INF file for this and then install it using that so I will have a uninstall link in my control panel(just learning and this is gonna take time). Any interested ATi card enthusiast can contact me regarding this and we might be able to come up with something as the main thing are the filters, the rest is just the installer used to put it in place. The INF version will be more advanced as it will be able to put settings in the registry just like the actual one.

Hahahahaha, this stupid thing has 4.8 mb global limit but won't let me attach a .9 mb rar file
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The Inf script to launch the install process for the .ax filters
/----> start here <------/

Signature = $Windows NT$


%FILENAME%.inf = 75
claud.ax = 75
CLNavX.ax = 75
CLVSD.ax = 75
PowerDVD.SIM = 75



11,,claud.ax, 1
11,,CLNavX.ax, 1
11,,CLVSD.ax, 1


DefaultDestDir = 11
Inf.Copy = 17
File.Del = 17

AddReg = Reg.Settings, Reg.Uninstall
CopyFiles = Inf.Copy, New.Uns
RegisterDlls = Do.Regist

UnregisterDlls = Do.Regist
DelReg = Reg.Settings, Reg.Uninstall
DelFiles = Inf.Copy, New.Uns, File.Del


HKLM,%UNINSTAL%\%DESCNAME%,UninstallString,,"%REMOVCMD% %17%\%FILENAME%.inf"

; Non-localizable
SC = "SOFTWARE\Classes"
SMWntCv = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion"
SCcsCMr = "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaResources"
UNINSTAL = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall"
REMOVCMD = "rundll32.exe setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 132"

; Localizable
FILENAME = "atidvd"

/------> end here <------/

The filters can be extracted using the Uniextract utlitly available somewher on this forum, also the powerdvd.sim is the key if you don't put that file nothing will work.

If anybody can still improve on my Inf file would be great or even make a Msi would be even better...

That's all for now..

For all you lazy people here is the download link [url="http://rapidshare.de/files/18593512/ATIDVD_Decoder.exe.html"]http://rapidshare.de/files/18593512/ATIDVD_Decoder.exe.html[/url]

Sorry to have to use Rapid Share, also right click the file and open in WinRAR before installing to see what is actually in there, should know what it is doing, actually there is lot of scope for improvement, but Im not a programmer just a enthusiast, so bear with this, any troubles PM me I might be able to help Edited by tommy_vercetti
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