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  1. PROB | ATI DVD-Decoder

    Someone just sent me an email saying they couldn't get my method to work. I've used it on like 4 different versions with no problems. They stated they are trying to use it as: /z-wD:\software\applications\wpi\ati\decoder I haven't had much luck with long paths in the command. You must remember this install is thinking it is pulling from a CD. I usually copy it to a folder right off the root of C: like C:\Decoder or something and it works fine. Also remember this doesn't work on the package you download...they put checks in there that this doesn't fool. You have to first have a valid CD and run the downloaded package to get the EXE file that installs it. This app also checks for a valid CD and can be fooled with my approach. Thus, I also cover my butt with ATI in that you need a valid CD to do it in the first place, then those of us with legit copies can run it in silent, etc after it is extracted/downloaded with the package.
  2. PROB | ATI DVD-Decoder

    Run the Setup.exe that the Decoder downloads with: /z-wF:\ as the commandline/switch where F: is the location of the CD. This is the command that the Install button sends... When I monitored file access it accesses the following files: ***\BIN\aticdfp.sys -I imagine fp is FingerPrint/FolderProperties/Etc and shows where the folders/files are. I tried tricking the installer by making empty folder structures, but it didn't work...it did however work with the Setup.exe that is downloaded and only needs to see one other file. ***\install\DVDDcdr\DVDDcdr.dat So create a folder...say C:\FakeCD and under it have the following folders: \BIN\ \install\DVDDcdr\ In \BIN\ put aticdfp.sys and in \install\DVDDcdr\ put DVDDcdr.dat Now run Setup.exe /z-wC:\FakeCD That's pretty much it, and about as far as I'd go since this still requires an original CD to copy the files from and get the Decoder downloaded...and since ATI is awesome I don't want to tick them off by giving away any more secrets. Repackaging the Decoder may make them mad since they put so much effort in hiding it, and could get a lawsuit slapped on you. Gotta be careful these days.