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  1. Nero Lite/Micro

    You make a valid point. However, I just tried a valid VCD compliant MPEG file (encoded it myself) and Nero still crashed. That means (S)VCD is nearly completely not working. The only thing that still works are pictures. Fixed. 3 Additional files are required. However, I think it would be better to include all the splitters. Source: Bin\Common Files\DSFilter\*Splitter.ax; DestDir: {cf}\Ahead\DSFilter; Flags: regserver sharedfile uninsnosharedfileprompt; Components: nero_core\nero_videocd However, swf files still cause a crash.
  2. Nero Lite/Micro

    Nero 6 did not require Recode to encode the input media files for (S)VCDs. I will try the new beta version, but I have a feeling it will be the same. I will also reinstall the bloated full package without Recode and see if it works. I am pretty sure it will though. Recode is needed to encode to DVD (for authoring).
  3. Nero Lite/Micro

    It is not necessarily the VCD burning doesn't work, but it seems something is missing either for the decoding or encoding of the media files. Putting pictures into the VCD is working.
  4. Nero Lite/Micro

    I may have found a problem. Anyone here try making a VCD with Nero Lite yet? Putting in ANY video file for me crashes Nero. - I have tried removing all my codecs (which is only ffdshow), still crash. - I have tried micro, and that crashes too. Below is a snip of Process Monitor for the crash.
  5. 1.01 problem? Very weird.

    Interesting, same problem with 1.0 Final. However, there is no problem with the attached settings. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious. BTW, the "huh:0?" popup appears at the end of processing setup files. Last_Session.ini
  6. 1.01 problem? Very weird.

    I'm not doing anything fancy. Just Ryan's Updates, AddOns, and WMPUpdate. Also using some basic built in patches and tweaks. I get this popup this says Huh:0? It appears twice. I had no problems with 1.0 Final with a much more complicated procedure (removal, driver integration, all sorts of tweaks, etc) Gonna try it now with 1.0 Final. Last_Session.ini
  7. Nlite Final - TEXTMODE Driver Issues

    I think this is the same issue I have posted here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=78133 Actually, currently I'm using ULi's SATA drivers for textmode and setup and they are copied into NLDRV\001. What I did was have the "inside Windows drivers" integrated before the textmode drivers, that way they take precedence in TXTSETUP.SIF but still work for TEXTMODE.
  8. Problem with drivers with same filenames

    Hmm..I always wondered about that. So I put all the files other than the inf/cat files into cabs and list their contents in drvindex.inf. Then I just have nLite integrate the inf/cats? Since they would need to be copied to C:\Windows\inf
  9. Problem with drivers with same filenames

    The drivers with same filenames are in different folders, however the problem is not quite that simple. 2 files with the same name will only have one valid entry under TXTSETUP.SIF. For example, say I have two files: 001\conflict.dll 002\conflict.dll In TXTSETUP.SIF, there will be 2 dirid's, one for 001 and one for 002, so you will potentially end up with two entries like this: conflict.dll = 1983,,,,,,,1983,0,0 conflict.dll = 1984,,,,,,,1984,0,0 However, for all intents and purposes, this is just one entry, the first. Meaning, the second conflict.dll will never be copied during the text portion of setup. My solution is this: file0001.dll = 1983,,,,,,,1983,0,0,conflict.dll file0002.dll = 1984,,,,,,,1984,0,0,conflict.dll and have instead: 001\file0001.dll 002\file0002.dll
  10. I have 3 different graphics drivers that I integrate, of which each have a different copy of "oemdspif.dll". Now, 2 is doable, as you can have one be oemdspif.dll while the other be oemdspif.dl_ and they will be entered into TXTSETUP.SIF as 2 different entries. However, the starting from 3 files of the same name, there is a problem with 2 ways to resolve it: 1. Change the name and update the relevant inf's. (Breaks driver signing) 2. Change the name and then edit TXTSETUP.SIF after integration to rename back to original name. Is there a way to have nLite perform the 2nd solution automatically? Maybe instead of keeping the original names on the cd, driver files can be named 00000001, 00000002, etc. (or just the duplicate ones) and then renamed with TXTSETUP.SIF.
  11. PROB | ATI DVD-Decoder

    [quote name='tommy_vercetti' post='429402' date='Dec 4 2005, 02:42 AM']Hi, Went to this thread and pulled out my old driver cd and installed the ATI decoder, it's pretty good compared to all the commercial bloated ones, Tried the one compiled by the other guy works but the decoder is installed, but just not functional. If Anyone can help me with the .msi, I can see all the coponents it installs but just cannot create a setup file for it, cos it still keeps asking to run from setup. I running Installshield Pro 11.5 Trialware, not many days left for the trial to expire, so if anyone can help me Thanks[/quote] Use the batch code I have in my previous post. Save that in a .bat file in the same directory as the msi/setup. You still need to use setup.exe (the one mentioned in my above post). Basically, actually do some reading and follow the instructions in my post
  12. PROB | ATI DVD-Decoder

    Was trying to play some HDTV 1920x1080 content on my computer and found that it just plain doesn't work too well. So went around looking for MPEG2 decoders and remembered, doesn't ATI have something like that for my BBA ATI 9800 Pro!? I bit the bullet and opened up my cd/manual package that was still in shrinkwrap , popped that in, got the update utility from ATI's website, and proceeded to figure out how to install it without the CD. I'm going to post the link to the setup program that the update utility downloads because you still need the cd to run the setup program, so I think it's okay. Plus their link is so simple I don't think they really care about hiding it. Link to setup.exe : [url="http://www2.ati.com/drivers/setup.exe"]http://www2.ati.com/drivers/setup.exe[/url] As posted earlier, the setup program checks for the files \BIN\aticdfp.sys and \Install\DVDDcdr\DVDDcdr.dat. Simply copy these files and run setup with the right parameters, right? Well, aticdfp.sys is 108MB! Now comes the fun part: 1. Open up command prompt. 2. Change directory to the place where your copy of aticdfp.sys is. (NOT ON CD) 3. Run: fsutil sparse setflag aticdfp.sys. 4. Run: fsutil sparse setrange aticdfp.sys 4096 38067485. 5. Run: fsutil sparse setrange aticdfp.sys 38117149 76139699. Now it's only using 192kb! Use your favorite compression program (HINT HINT: NOT WINZIP) that supports sparse (bzip, rar?) or is atleast smart enough to notice it's 99.999999999% 0's (rar, 7zip). Note: You could probably put tighter boundaries on the sparse ranges but sparse segments comes in 64kb blocks, so it doesn't really matter. Also, a note about the long paths, I have spaces in mine, but I use quotes and it works. I wrote a simple batch file like the following: [code]cmdow @ /HID @ECHO OFF SET CWD=%CD% setup.exe /z-w"%CWD%"[/code] I'm not sure if you can call a batch file from 7z's sfx script, if someone tries/knows LMK. A little update: With the ATI DVD Decoder (Cyberlink with Hardware Acceleration), I can play the 1920x1080 HDTV content only using 40-50% cpu, vs 10fps at 100% cpu with ffdshow or 15fps with dscaler!
  13. Is it possible to extend to timeout period? I tried using the shrinker with a source over LAN and it says already complete due to timeout because the installer hasn't loaded yet in 5 seconds!
  14. Removing Both Media Players + Codecs...

    Yes it has worked, it worked fine for me And it still works fine for me Did you ad the plugin for Firefox? The only streams that don't work are the ones w/ the <EMBED SRC> tag. Which can be remedied by forcing an install with the original wmp10 inf and then unintalling it.
  15. Removing Both Media Players + Codecs...

    eben- you can try the stuff I mentioned 2 posts above yours. Not sure if the inf will install on 2k though, and modifying it for 2k will make it fail.