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I am hoping to have a nice time here.


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Hello, I am Cyberwiz01, and usually a frequenter of www.ocforums.com I only heard of this place from an overclockers.com article about unattended windows installations. I decided to check this place out to get more information. I immediately liked the feel of the forum and everyone seemed to be very helpful. So I decided to register. As you might guess I'm mostly a hardware guy. My main rig is watercooled and heavily overclocked and I enjoy voiding warranties :) Anyways, I am looking forward to expanding my software tweaking ability. I'm looking forward to being part of the MSFN community.

Other things about me:

I live in So. California

I work at a school as part of the tech team.

All my machines fold for Stanford's folding @home project http://folding.stanford.edu

I have a short attention span (hey what's that!)

I like to ski

I love the beach

I belive in being a nice guy.

Anyways, that's a little about me for now.

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