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Registry Tweaks, Part-1

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hi every body i was wondering if some one have a reg file

with all that wonderful tweaks that he could attach it or send it on my email


and i want to thank every one fot this post

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Slightly off topic.

Does anyone know of a script or reg tweak that would allow me to flush/delete the System Restore store? Before making an image, I want to delete all System Restore points (or all but the most recent) . I'd like to call this from a batch file.

Thanks to all for posting your great tweaks.

SOLUTION FOUND: A script that does this can be found here: http://board.msfn.org/index.php?showtopic=8987

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Can someone tell me the regkeys for detailed view in explorer for all folders?

Iam sure its posted before but i cant figure it out where.

i think it is somewhere in here but wich line is what?

my enlish is bad i know :)

;Configure Start Menu


















































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I used the first reg tweak file that was posted here, named tweaks.reg

Now that i have excuted it, i cant identify what is removing my "log off..." option from the start menu. Anyone know what reg key this is?


I just used a different reg tweak to re-add it

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@ALL who want to change this forum...  We should not have people posting their full Reg tweak files. It takes up alot of space.

Back on topic...

1) I've searched far and wide. How do I set my default folder view to Icon?

2) What is the correct method for removing shared documents from My Computer? I've seen 2

i what to know all so so if any one knows it please post

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I saw a lot of ppl complain about Hide extension tweak here is what i use :

;Hide extensions for known file types off

I am not sure about that serial stuff "S-1-5-21-1715567821 etc." it might be different on u're machine the thing is that whatever is in HK_CURRENT_USER should be in HK_USERS with specific diferrences if u are the only user of the computer -- but it also makes sure the tweak works so i made all change the all users setings too since i don't use many.

The thing is that many tweaks are crap they are not made generally, not tested and most importand not comente at least so every1 would pick and customize their own.

For example i made all tweaks myself with snapshot soft(InstallRite) and it is obvious to test them cuz they are not made by GOD :) even so most wont work for all and most of us wouldn't use all :rolleyes:

As for the Quick Launch i didn't find anything myself cuz InstallRite doesn't register any changes in registry or files when i activate/ deactivate it.

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If you're going to use HKEY_USERS, don't. The SID values are different from every machine, and differ each time you install XP on the one machine. If you can, try and find the equivalent HKEY_CURRENT_USERS key and values.

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Remove Shotcut to in new shorcuts

Do not create any new shortcuts before you do this or else you'll have to install the file again.

Disable prefix for current user only:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Disable prefix on whole computer:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





best way is edit register and reboot

or create reg.file click it and reboot


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yronnen: This isn't a questions and answer thread, it is designed to be a place to post your favourite tweaks (if they haven't been posted previously).

However, in answer to your question, you don't need to apply any tweak.

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What registry setting should I make to make sure that my start menu is NOT classic?


This has been mentioned on forum already many times.. Do a search for it.

;Control Panel - Classic View

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