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AMD Barton temp problem.

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I just built my new system last month and its running but there is a questionable issue and debate i am having with my CPU Temps.

My buddy says that his AMD 2500+ Athlon XP Barton runs at roughly 30+ celsius at boot and gets upto around 45-47 degrees even after running something intensive like BFV.

Now here is the issue..... my CPU boots at roughly 56 degrees celsius and gets upto 65-72 degrees depending. I have a gig of dual channel 400 mhz DDR PC3200 installed and the processor is the exact same as staed above. I have the K7-Triton GigAbyte motherboard (7n-400L edition) and I cant understand why it runs so **** hot. I have 4 system fans installed not including the CPU fan.

I read a post in the forumns here that some guy has this same processor oc'd upto the 3200 level and his temp runs at 56 degrees so wtf is wrong with my system?????????

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You have four fans, but how many are blowing into the case and how many are blowing out of the case? What rpm are they running at? What is your room temperature? Are you using the stock heatsink and fan? You may consider buying a different one. Did you put any paste between your chip and the heatsink? If so, how long ago? You may need to reapply it.

These are just a couple ideas


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I would check each fan for the direction of airflow.Cooling fans have arrows on the bezel side that indicate the way the wind will blow.Now if you have one on the side of the case over the cpu then the arrow should be pointing inward.The one in the front of the case should be pointing towards the back.the one in the back blowing out the back.If any of these are opposite then you create a vaacum with less air flow.And as suggested by Bonkers a good application of thermal paste is a must.Your correct in assuming that your temps are high especially at bootup,which is suspect to either a false reading or thermal paste not being applied correctly.You can check for a false reading by booting into your Bios and checking from there.I do believe that Gigabyte has this feature in bios.If your temps are different both at bootup and after idling for a while then your temp probe is faulty or in some cases there is a patch on the motherboad website to fix the problem.

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Try upping to latest BIOS. Also, some of the intake fans installed at the front just do nothing except circulating the air. That's a five year old research by AMD. Hence these fans ADD up to the heat (their motors are running too).

Try unplugging each of the fan and then checking the temp. Also, if you;ve maintained the airflow using fans, no space should be left for intake (e.g drive bay covers).




;21:05 PST

Graphic Card: Matrox Millenium G450 DualHead (32 MB DDR)

Model #: G45FMDHA32DB

Sr #: PBG19967

Driver version: 6.83.017 in Win98, 5.92.006 in WinXP

PD version: 6.83.017 in Win98, 6.92.004 in WinXP

VT version: N/A

MGA Bios version: 1.4.004

Hardware rev.: 133

CPU: AMD Athlon 600 MHz (AMD K7600MTR51B) @687MHz (FSB114)

Chipset: VIA Apollo KX133 (VT8731 + 82C686A)

Motherboard: SL-77KV

Motherboard Bios: L5

PCB ver: M5

Motherboard chipset patches: AGP GART 1.80a from VIA Hyperion 4.51v

RAM: 1x Kingston 256MB KVR133X64C3/256 (@148MHz)

OS: Windows 4.10.2222A & Windows XP 5.1.2600.1106 SP1a

Desktop resolution and color depth: 1024x768, 32bpp

DirectX version: DX9.0b, 4.09.0000.0902 in Win98, Win2000

Hard Drive: Seagate Baraccuda 7200.7, ST380011A; firmware v3.06

SCSI card type: NIL

Sound card and driver version: Integrated VIA AC'97, drv v5.40a in Win98/WinXP

Hardware rev.: 032

Monitor brand: Philips 105S2

CD-ROM Drive (make/model): Asus S520/A, firmware rev. 2.0L

Network card: NIL

Fax MODEM: Amigo AMI-2019E, (also called AM HW 3056) (PCI slot 3 of 5)

Driver Version: 3.37

Hardware revision: 001

IRQ settings and other devices:


Ahsan Zaheer Shaikh



Adamjee Govt. Science College,


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