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My New Laptop


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i just bought a new laptop it cost £999.99

what do you all think did i get my moneys worth

Pentium 4 3.06GHz HT

512MB DDR PC2700


GeForce Fx5300GO 64MB with T&L

DVD +/- RW

Wireless on 802.11g on bored

56k Modem

15" TFT Screen

Infrared On Bored

SD, Memory Stick and Mutlimedia Card Reader

5.1 Sound

Windows XP Home SP1

4 USB 2.0


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Not bad at all. I just got mine a few weeks ago as a graduation present.

1.6GHZ Pentium Mobile

Intel 855 Chipset

Intel 2200 Pro B/G

/\ Centrino Certification

512MB DDR333 PC2700

60GB 7,200 RPM HDD

ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 Pro Turbo


56K modem

Built-on NIC

Svideo out

15.4" TFT screen. 1280x800 native - Looks exactly like 1024x760, just wider.

2 USB :rolleyes:

Standard sound hookups - AC97. Though it does have the ability to use both the internal speaker and externam simultainusly.

No IRDA even though my friend bought the exact same model a few weeks before me and got it.

XP Home SP1. Formated. Now duel booting XP Pro SP1 & Fedora Core 2

Price: $2500

The widescreen is incredable in games that support it, seeing more than other ppl can, seeing them usualy before they see you :)

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