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bit tornado silent install?


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i noticed the minimized icons (in the system tray) changed to dark grey, and green when finished. did you do that, or was that just the latest release update?

Oh yeah. I forgot to include that in the description. I also added those icons. .And the icons of the lights too. Those icons are not the default But you can change them anytime you want. Just download the icons from their website and extract them to your %appdata%\.bittornado\icons. Or just delete that folder if you want to go back to the default icons. These icons are not included in the latest build. So you are one step ahead. :lol:

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so your MSI file is 0.39a, with new icons for:

- file types

- system tray

- connectivity in GUI (top right of torrent)

am i missing anything?

for the record, it's loads easier when you tell us everything you did. :) thanks!

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ok, thank you totoymola.

based on your idea, i did the following:

1) I run the original installer (bt039a.exe /S)

2) I run my SFX archive (containing the new "icon_bt.ico" and "icon_done.ico")

;The comment below contains SFX script commands

Path=%UserProfile%\Application Data\.BitTornado\icons




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Right. :) By the way, there is something that confuses me. BitTornado (from the original installer) automatically creates a folder named .Bittornado in your %appdata% on first run. But if you try to create a folder manually using Windows Explorer, it will not allow you to create a folder like that. It doesn't allow you to to create a folder using .(dot) as the first character of the name. However, if you type md .bittornado in the command prompt, it will create a .bittornado folder for you. Is this a limitation in Windows?

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actually, i think it is. i had this problem AGES ago when using my Archos Jukebox. it needed a folder with a "." in the beginning and my only solution was through DOS.

however, it appears that WinRAR SFX's can do the trick! :)

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Yes. WinRAR is very usefull!

I thing your comment will not work because you missed the quotes. It has to be

Path="%UserProfile%\Application Data\.BitTornado\icons"

But this is what I will do.


Edit: Your comment works. No need to add quotes. WinRAR really rocks! :thumbup

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Edit:  Your comment works.  No need to add quotes.  WinRAR really rocks!  :thumbup

I was about to tell you that it does...

I usually test my code before posting it.

I actually like this method. It's the 'official' installer from BitTornado (no offense), with my tiny customization (those **** system tray icons are the only thing i hate) added later. :)

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Ok all you people asking for the origional bittorrent forgot one very important thing, ITS OPEN SOURCE!!! you can make your own ::official:: installer to do what ever you want using python... now I bet half the people here have no idea how to do that so fear not, I have made the official BitTorrent 3.4.2 Switchless installer, My installer doesnt say you installed blah blah blah, and it doesnt install or load the html file at all. If there is interest I will make a switchless installer for 3.9.x the beta for 4, I will make one for 4 when it comes out... ~twizt



to run it you can modify this to fit your batch file, or run this as a batchfile to test the installer.

@echo off
title Installing BitTorrent 3.4.2 Switchless Edition by Twizt3d DesignZ
ECHO Windows will now install additional programs onto your computer.
ECHO Installing BitTorrent 3.4.2 Switchless Edition by Twizt3d DesignZ
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait .\setup\BitTorrent.exe
ECHO BitTorrent 3.4.2 Switchless Edition by Twizt3d DesignZ was installed successfully.

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link: [url="http://www.bittornado.com/download.html"]Bit Tornado[/url]

switch: BitTornado.exe /S

or you can download [url="http://www.shareaza.com/default.asp?id=download"]sharezea[/url] it is a p2p and torrent downloader Edited by Astalavista
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