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YahooMail gone wild


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Welcome to the new and improved

Yahoo! Mail Plus.

Thanks for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user. We've made some great changes to Mail Plus, effective immediately! You'll have all the features of your current Yahoo! Mail Plus account, and many more – at no additional cost*!

Here's even more to love about Yahoo! Mail Plus:

No graphical ads

When you're using the Mail web interface, your experience will be even more enjoyable.

Streamlined interface

Makes using your mail even easier.

Virtually unlimited storage

A whopping 2GB means you should never have to worry about managing storage again! Keep thousands of messages, photos, and documents – think of it as your online archive.

So thanks again for choosing Yahoo! Mail Plus to keep in touch, and we hope you enjoy the additional services now at your fingertips. For more information, please visit our Help page.

-------------btw they're just updated their dns, so if u cannot login that's why

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oh great, they only did that so you can get legitimate emails as 75% of what u get is porn and spam

I don't get any spam. I'm careful with my e-mail, and it stays clean.

I don't have any privacy preferences enabled.

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My ISP uses yahoo's mail system, and if I didn't already own my own domain and have a spam solution server side that is working great, I'd be using the yahoo system.

It's amazing how flexible they've become. They've integrated a spammotel (www.spammotel.com) like feature, where you can create dummy sub addresses to give out to everyone who asks, that way if you do start getting spam on any one of those you can just turn off that sub address.

Along with the spam filtering which seems to be getting better and better as I tell it when something does slip thru.

Try it out. I don't know if the basic yahoo mail has all these features, but the plus which I get as part of my ISP svc is really well done.


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well yes those disposable emails are nice I am using 1 right now.

but the truth with my yahoo account is, I had used it for everything back when I wasn't using emails too much. now I get all kinds of junk, medic prescription, p0rn, virus, viagra :) as much as I press "this is spam" button I keep getting spam to my inbox and I keep getting some of my important mails to junk mail

I added lots of mail adresses to safe list so that they get delivered to my inbox. but still....

I already got a domain and started using it, but I still have to check the yahoo account bc most of my friends know that one.

so if u're starting your new email habit, u could try yahoo, I'm sure with all they've done it will be better, but for me it doesn't work...

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problem with yahoo is the fact that most of the porn/spam are sent with spoofed urls so everytime you block it, you'll still get it and wasted a space in your blocked addresses.. you cant escape spam.. but of course, what i do is having a public and private emails..

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As I've said before, I use Yahoo. I've been using for 2 years+ and the true secret to spam avoidale, is to have 2 addresses. 1 for signing up for stuff, and one for personal and work correspondance. I'm not saying this is the only thing, but its worked for me so far!

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But are you really gonna used 2GB of space on emails? :rolleyes:

- And even if you just use it for junk mail. OK, so you dont have to go in daily and remove all the rubbish...... you can do it monthly or every other month!

- It will just take you the best part of a day to empty ! :)

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Lets face it, Yahoo don't wanna lose their customers to GMail. But gmails' gonna be so much better because you can actually search thru ya mail and stuff instead of going daaan the list. Plus we all love google so show them some respect by having their email addy too. Also, I'd just like to add, that Hotmail have gotta be worse in the way of spam, not a day goes by without me being asked if I'd like some viagra or a penis enlargement. Funny that, cos last time I looked, I was a girl.........

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with yahoo u can search for a specific email. and I don't really think that only this difference will be the reason for choosing gmail.

hotmail: that's the opposite of what I have with yahoo. I don't get any spam with hotmail. even though its what I use for my messenger.

:) @ don't u need a viagra :rolleyes:

@HyDeNCiTy hold on there we don't want to know the details :D

okay the thing about 2gb. well I know from my father, he likes to keep records of the things he sent and recieved. just bc when he remembers 1 thing he can go and look it up. for most ppl I think it works like this.

well if I recieve an attachment say a picture or something, I don't want it to use any space, I like to browse offline so I save it on my hdd. delete the emai and if i really want to know who sent it I rename the file accordingly...

I think maybe for lazy or not so experienced users 2gb should be good.

not saying this would be the only reason for using 2gb.. (my pov)

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