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Macromedia Studio MX unattended install


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I have created an setup.iss file and put it in the folder where the install files are.

I have added to my setup.cmd:


ECHO Bezig met het installeren van Macromedia Studio MX 2004

ECHO Even geduld a.u.b.

%systemdrive%\Install\STUDIOMX2004\Setup.exe /s /sms

Unattended installation of Dreamweaver and fireworks give no problem but when installing Flash MX 2004, i got the question if i want to install Flash Player. How can I fix that problem? :)

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If you download the trial version of DreamWeaver MX 2004 and unpack the file, there is a directory containing a silent installation of Flash Player 7 AX (dunno what AX means).

I just ran it and there is only a progress bar in a little window.

From what I can see it is great to use instead of the normal installer for Flash/Shockwave.

Need to check it out ofcourse.

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I used an AutoIt script specifically because of the Flash player. I've attached it if anyone's interested. You'll have to edit the script and put your info in, of coarse. Also, you'll need the compiled script (*.exe) placed in your Macromedia Studio install folder, assuming that you keep the same directory structure as on the original CD. If not, you'll need to edit the first line to point to where the Setup.exe is located (on the CD, it's in the FSCOMMAND folder).

Edit the sleep times to suit your needs, but keep in mind that during a batch install like runonceex, it's going to take a little longer than if you were just running one installer. The times I put in this script were being generous, too. LOL
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