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  1. Is it possible so start an unattended installation of Windows 2000 form a Windows 2000 Advanced server by starting a client from a floppy? The only thing that the user has to type is the computername, like setup computername=computer1 or something? Sorry if this question is already asked or awnsered, but I cant find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Download the (full) "Network Install" of the Service Pack , and save it to a directory (folder) on your hard drive (in my case D:\XP-SP2). Next copy your Windows XP CD to your hard drive. Just create a folder (I used \XP-CD), and copy all the contents of your Windows XP CD in that folder. Next, open a Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd), and go to the folder where you downloaded SP2 (cd \foldername). Type the command: servicepack filename /integrate:drive/path. In my example the command is WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU /integrate:D:\XP-CD.
  3. No, I cant find anything about it on the Nero website. Anyone?
  4. I have created an setup.iss file and put it in the folder where the install files are. I have added to my setup.cmd: ECHO. ECHO Bezig met het installeren van Macromedia Studio MX 2004 ECHO Even geduld a.u.b. %systemdrive%\Install\STUDIOMX2004\Setup.exe /s /sms Unattended installation of Dreamweaver and fireworks give no problem but when installing Flash MX 2004, i got the question if i want to install Flash Player. How can I fix that problem?
  5. Does anyone know something more already?
  6. When you skip the welcome to windows xp, windows will create a username themselves? And all the software will be installed with that auto created name in it?

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