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811493 - Is it needed?


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Just did my first XPCreate and went to windowsupdate and only needed 1 Windows Update (817778 - Not going to bother with that one). But I ran another tool to check for patches and found that 811493 was needed (This update addresses the Buffer Overrun in Windows Kernel Message Handling could Lead to Elevated Privileges (811493) for Windows XP Embedded with SP1).

Anyone know if this is critical? Best method to slipstream? Or should I just wait for SP2? Again windowsupdate doesn't report that this is needed to be installed.

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Mute point ... the Security Rollup superceeds that hotfix, which just has the ntkrnl*.exe files (or whatever they were called). Otherwise it would be on the list. :)

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is my reference point for hotfix installations. Windows Update is ... flakey.

Welcome to MSFN, powaking!

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