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Change search folder default location


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Let's say I open the start menu and search for "stuff." I want files with stuff in the title. No result, big surprise. Let's "see more results."

This opens the search window and displays more results, seemingly from the same location. Probably c:. But I have other drives and want to search them. So I click on search "computer" and then I get what I am looking for.

I am tired of clicking on computer every time. I want to change the default search location. But I have no clue how. If you check the actual address when it's searching the computer it is


I looked for "search-ms" in the registry hoping for a default search key and, well, that was fruitless. Apparently it just adds a search term for every drive in addition to a search at c:\users\hunter\appdata (not sure what that folder has to do with anything, but it's in every default search window).

Some way to make it search "computer" by default?

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you were on right path but lazy :P

go to your appdata where those search folders are - which are btw Virtual Folders, thus a file
open them (especially the Everywhere.search-ms) in text editor
from there you will see an ID (CLSID)
in my case it's the: {7c61d0a6-af7e-483a-b705-d2c5c2264656}

now you can search the registry for this bullcrap and do whatever ... :P

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