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DW has trouble hooking advapi32 and GDI32 on DDR3/4 systems with many KernelEx2016 App settings.


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Starting with this link
https://msfn.org/board/topic/157173-kext-diy-kernelex-extensions/?do=findComment&comment=1228984 then you said to investigate why and place BASE names into DCFG1 but it should have been place from NT2K into DCFG1. What is the significance of five times max per issue by the way?

It is the addition of KERNEL32.GetVersionExA=kexbases.5 that is the trouble. I assume you have downloaded CORE_8.zip. In this Core.ini the mode displayed by the sheet will be BASE (Verify Version) Verify Version I am using on Explorer and the addition of that one line KERNEL32.GetVersionExA=kexbases.5 not only stops the SPDF it also stops MSSQL server 7. I made Verify Version equivalent to 2K here


and Explorer using Verify Version and MSSQL server is working and SumatraPDF3.2 is set to Verify Version and it still works with 2K settings but add KERNEL32.GetVersionExA=kexbases.5 and no good. I then just had KERNEL32.GetVersionExA=kexbases.5 by itself in Verify Version setting and I get Explorer made an error in unknown.

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missed out GetCharABCWidths from the list
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I thought I have explained it several times.

On 9/23/2022 at 9:40 PM, Goodmaneuver said:

DCFG1 will load VerSetConditionMask and VerifyVersioninfo if I use CORE24.

You do believe the quoted statement above of mine don't you? SumatraPDF did not work with your CORE.ini. It needs at least a 2K setting because of VerSetConditionMask and VerifyVersioninfo APIs are called. Your CORE.ini does not work so I made up another mode so that SumatraPDF will work on eBooks. Remember you changed the naming of DCFG1 to that of 4.5.2 and your [DCFG1] behaves as quoted. The (Verify Version) comment in the sheet is named BASE in the registry from [BASE] in my CORE.ini.

The last post of mine here is important and should be addressed for sure: - I told you what causes the problems. 4.5.2 would not have had a problem with MSSQL server 7 being set to NT2K for instance nor have any SPDF parsing problem.

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