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Problem with Disroot email login and XP browsers


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The only email account I ever liked was Disroot. They are 100% reliable and
there are no ads.

Never had login problems with any of the forked or backported browsers
compatible with XP. All of sudden, I'm redirected to this "outdated browser"


I tried a couple of those user agent switching extensions. Changed the user agent
to the latest Firefox strings. Didn't work.

Posted at the Disroot Forum. No replies.

I have browsers like Mypal/Firefox, Basilisk/Serpent, KM-Goanna (K-Meleon), etc.

If I can't fix this problem, my Disroot email account is gone forever.
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Before trying New Moon at the Disroot site, I downloaded the latest update from
RT's Free Soft.


I was 99% certain New Moon would also be redirected to the Disroot "bad browser" page.
Fortunately, I was wrong.

I tried four XP compatible browsers, but not New Moon. I set the User Agent Mode to
Firefox and it worked. I was able to login normally to my Disroot email account.

Thank you Rod Steel!

(I tried user agent switcher extensions with KM-Goanna and Mypal/Firefox. Changing
the user agent should have worked, but it didn't.)
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On 9/13/2022 at 11:21 AM, HoppaLong said:

I'm redirected to this "outdated browser"

They moved to https://snappymail.eu/ . You even can see same error in Demo. Javascript code test your browser and if test is not success even does not give you chance to see bugs.
Possible to create next solutions: user js code (userscript) or fork Snappymail and ask Disroot admins to use fork.
The reason why Disroot admins do not want to use Rainloop (it works with our browsers well) is user can't be hacked if launch code from hackers.

Anybody can write a ctiric here: https://github.com/the-djmaze/snappymail

It's funny. Snappymail has more serious issues. They have got even unecrypted mails.
Disroot used Rainloop before: https://github.com/RainLoop/rainloop-webmail

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