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Emoticons/Smilys for old software and bulletin boards


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Hi, for reasons I prefer not to disclose, yesterday I found myself looking for a way to obtain sets of emoticons for old forums, bulletin boards and messaging software. to my greatest astonishment, I hadn't have find anyone hosting a general collection of such in an organized manner. All I have found was a metric crapton of highly positioned, useless websites, small emoticons packs and shady software. As if internet have forgotten glorious pre-emoji standard emoticons.

What's harder, i cannot really say what I'm looking for, like some smileys I've seen on some obscure BB before update years ago or on some defunct website. For some I tried to lurk the websites that are still online, but the smiley sets I remember are long gone :/

What I DO remember are:

- old pixelated-style smiley changing into red vampire with devil-ish look

- set of emoticons that is probably from Skype 7.

rest is mystery.

what I "probably" look for are emoticons from phpbb2, phpbb3, phpbb by przemo, mybb, simple machines forum, php fusion, AOL, MSN messenger... in general, things from 2005-2010 era.

Anyone knows where to find 'em, except from scrapping them one by one hoping it's it?


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