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Editing an Offline Registry with RunScanner

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I have been a big fan of RunScanner from Paraglider since day one and it has helped me on numerous occasions when I needed to edit the registry of an offline system. Runscanner 2 ( still works great from Windows 7 8 and 10 LTSB (1607), but it does not work from W10 LTSC (19044). The app automatically finds offline systems on all accessed drives and lets you select which offline system you want to edit with Regedit. Simplicity at its best.
On W10 LTSC the selection menu appears, but the app does nothing or shows an error msg after selecting a system. Does anyone have a version that will run on newer systems or know how to contact paraglider about this problem?

If anyone knows of a simple alternative way/tool/script that can be used for editing an offline registry that I could try on LTSC, I would appreciate it.

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