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Why Windows 11 sucks worse than Millenium Edition or Vista RTM!


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Dismiss what I wrote above in "I have tried Windows 11 and I will tell you my experience", everything Windows 10 1903+ sucks, bugs with pre-Skylake architectures, consumes half the RAM (especially Windows Defender). In addition, the new LTSC 2021 only has support for 5 years instead of 10 as it always was.

And Windows 11... it's just a 21H2 with a much worse design layer than iOS 7 even if you don't have Alder Lake say goodbye to your processor, an awkward context menu, inability to pin, it was never so difficult to open the task manager...

Apparently Micro$oft like Intel want us to pollute the planet by throwing away 95% of our PC's to buy Alder Lake, and use a TPM 2.0 that doesn't make any sense being a Windows 10 with a customization layer.

The only one left in the future is 1607 LTSB or 1809 LTSC, since this is supported until 2029 (the new posready 2009), 7 more years, unlike normal Windows 10 that has it until 2025.

The good thing about Windows 11 being a WIndows 10 with an ugly design layer is that we can easily avoid them with an extended kernel (fewer differences than 8.0 and 8.1), although we won't need it until 2025-2027.


This video demonstrates that Windows 11 is Windows 10 with a horrible design layer:




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I will tell one more good thing about Windows 11. The sound cality! Windows 11 sounds better than Windows 10 at least in my opinion!

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