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Compiling ACPI v2.0 driver for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003 SP2 (x32/x64)

Mov AX, 0xDEAD

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Even my System fullfilles everything, that is written on the E2B homepage for XP install,

it hangs after install at the step when looking for Internet for to download the missing files,

telling "ok" and then hangs

exact at the check for the second partition, even it is there.

Ok, for this moment I give up setup during XP.

With Win10 I get error 4 at the end, what ever this mean.

When I restart from this USB stick, the Live menu with Agfm is shown to me at second place from the menu.

Ok, when I click on it, I get this screen.

How to come to the commandline, where you put commands for use of external DSDT and SSDTs in?


EDIT: I found, just hitting F5 and then choose grub console.

Then I get this picture, ist it the same as yours?



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When you write this at commandline

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/dsdt.aml

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/ssdt2.aml

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/ssdt3.aml

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/ssdt6.aml

and then boot XP and it worked

where are those files stored? Do you make a 2. partition on your harddisk and into a folder named acpi you put them all?

And is (hd0) your harddisk, from where windows starts?

This may depend on the kind of the USB stick and/or at which place in Bios the boot place for the harddisk is



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Ah, good, you're up to where you should be.

Easy2boot normally makes a 2nd partition, it did for me, but it might only be 1 partition for you.

I created a separate /acpi/ folder on the second partition and put my modded .aml files in there.

(hd0) is the Sandisk USB drive.

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With acpidump -b I get only DSDT FACP etc. tables but not any ssdt.

When I use Rw Everything and make a check between te generates DSDT.bin and the DSDT.raw which I fetch direct from my Bios,

I get 34 differences, which should be forbidden in any case or XP changes its DSDT after loading from Bios.

So my question is, HOW to get all the acpi tables, with which my XP is actually working?

And which role plays RW Everything, does it give the actual all Acpitables, which XP is working with or

does it make a copy from Bios?

Copy from Bios should be impossible for RWEverything, because in this case my both binary files for DSDT should be identic


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I think, that I did all, as you describe.

From the Webside, I fetch the original Bios 3.2 for the Asrock z370 k6 gaming board,

and extract from it its original DSDT with UEFITool.

This Dsdt is different from my on this PC, because I make my DSDT by hand XP and USB3 friendly.

Then I boot with the Kingston USB stick in legacy mode (not UEFI).

Before I make on the second partition of this stick a folder named acpi and put into it the original bin version of dsdt.aml.

Then I type

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/dsdt.aml

check about missing spaces etc. Crazy, even I choose the german keyboard, now it becomes English keyboard.


On first boot I got error because of acpi.sys.

Then I choose my brandnew modded acpi.sys with hack against all A5 03 and A5 011 Bosods.

This time I get Bsod 0x7b,

so something does not work with this tool.

This remembers me a lot at the Microsoft asl.exe tool.

With that tool, the behavior was exact the same as now with this E2B tool


PS: I think, I have to use the DSDT load methode from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD,

even the Tutorial for that is a little bit crazy.


EDIT: I load its own dsdt.aml from which I know to 100% that it works.

And E2B gives again acpi.sys error, so for sure this does not work for me.


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How do you boot your compi after

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/dsdt.aml

And the dsdt.aml is NOT the dsdt.dsl renamed file?

I think, that dsdt.aml has to be the binary file which you get after iasl runs over dsdt.dsl.

I have no idea what I can do more here with ETB





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You must use the compiled AML binary file and not the DSL file, do not rename DSL file, compile it into AML.

I may have gotten the command slightly wrong

instead of

grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/dsdt.aml

it should be

grub> acpi (hd0,msdos2)/acpi/dsdt.aml

you can check if this is correct by typing

grub> acpi (hd0,msdos2)/

and then pressing TAB to see the directory listing and see where you are.

Make sure the /acpi/ folder exists.

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After crazy experience with the Tutorial from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD

I succeed to load my DSDT with his patcher.

Crazy, first I need to understand, that his reload.bin is nothing other then the binary file dsdt.aml  .

And voila, I get the same(!) acpi.sys error as with the grub2 methode.

Now I think, after a short comment from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD,

that it depends on the dsdt.aml itself.

You are not allowed to take it direct from the Bios.

Instead of this you have to take it from running XP.

Ok, next try and may be that via this way I also get the Microsoft tool asl.exe to work



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