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Will cloning a macOS VM to a real Mac work with Macrium Reflect

GD 2W10

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Is it possible to clone a macOS VM created in VMware to a real Mac with the same hardware profile of that said Mac with Macrium Reflect? I know that Macrium Reflect is Windows only, but using the boot media to backup and restore should work. Will there be any problems of getting it to work even if the hardware profiles are the same?

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Highlight the disk in Virtual Machine Settings in the Disk information panel what does it read.

Disk space is preallocated (This is -FLAT.vdk type and is what you need to write it to to disk as a RAW image)

Disk space is not preallocated = This is growable and would need to be expanded to full size before it can be written as a disk image to disk. Unless you know of a converter that can do this on the fly or convert the file before and keep that original as is.

This information below will erase all data from your hard drive. Do below or first try in VMWare maybe with a Hirens disc or similar in XP mode or Win7 or by using Dos Tools to write the image to a virtual disk. Then with confidence if needed you will be able to do the same with a real physical hard disk away from Virtual Machine on a physical PC.

You will need a RAW image tool that can write .img or .bin files

You will need to rename the ...-FLAT.vmdk file extension to either .img or .bin which one the RAW image writer tool needs

Write it to disk afterwards rename the file extension you changed ...-FLAT.img or .bin back to .vmdk Edited by exogenesis
Hiresns disk to a Hirens disc or similar
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