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[Win11] Unable to click anything with enhanced classic taskbar enabled


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I love StartAllBack, a vertical taskbar is vastly superior to a horizontal one on normal landscape displays.

Windows 11: 21H2 Build 22000.376, current StartAllBack version.

But recently (I assume with the Dec 16 update, I can’t remember exactly, but it has been happening this year a lot and I left on vacation shortly after the update) I have a very weird issue:

After some time (sometimes within a minute, sometimes several minutes pass), it’s like there is an invisible overlay over all monitors. I can’t click anything, but mouseover still works (the pointer does not change, but UI elements responding to hovering still do). The only way to fix it, that I found, was to press Ctrl+Alt+Del, then click once which removes the *overlay* and a second time on task manager to leave the Ctrl+Alt+Del Menu. Then everything works normally for some time.

At first, I thought T-Clock (Win 10- taskbar clock replacement to get seconds back, only works on Win11 thanks to StartAllBack) was the culprit, but after exiting it, it still happened. Finally, I disabled the enhanced taskbar in the settings, and the issue has not been occurring for over 20 Minutes now.

If any additional debugging information is required, I’d be happy to provide those.


edit: Had it happen again about an hour after I posted this. Completely disabled the tool and several hours without the issue now :(

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Another Update: I reinstalled the old version, haven’t had the issue reappear, so it’s the Dec 16 Update that broke something.

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Well, we need a more stable reproduction scenario. I may have had something like that once but can't definitely say SAB is the culprit

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