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Playrix Games Not Working on Sony, Weird Problem.


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Sorry for the delay, but I was quarantined with covid, then occupied with trying to keep everything together here- not to mention static with a hospital, and how I was essentially told a relative was dead when she wasn't. Then it got...weird. I've been rather busy...


Well, the title isn't quite accurate- one game, "Elementals: The Magic Key" does work.


In order to get that game working one must use SwiftShader 2.1. Once that's dropped into the game folder it works nicely.


A similar-looking game, "Mystery of Mortlake Mansion," gives the same error messages as "Elementals" if SwiftShader is not there, but it does not work- the icon appears on the bottom bar, you can get the frame, but the only other thing is that all icons on the desktop shimmer. That's it.


The other games from this company also need SwiftShader, but there is a problem: images are out of alignment, apparently down and left. Random clicking indicates the games work, but they are "hidden object" games so they are unplayable. These games include "Farmscapes," "Fishdom," "Gardenscapes 1 & 2," and "Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover." The latter three have a dog that reminds me of one I used to have.


Using SwiftShader with the Dell or the mighty ASUS- both of which can properly handle "Gardenscapes" by itself without any help- creates the same problem. If there is an answer with 3D-Analyze I do not know what it is.


I will attach images to show what I mean.


Sony: 2001 VAIO, Pentium 3 800MHz processor, 16/24 Bit Color, DirectX 9 installed according to DXDIAG (note that SwiftShader handles this when used), 1024h x 768v resolution (same as Dell), Intel Integrated chip. Last known drivers installed.


As you can see some things are properly placed, but the first one should have many more things in it. It seems as though XML files determine where things will be placed. Altering the numbers (there are hundreds) only affects a few items, like on the title screen. Notice how the title screen when loading looks normal, but when the bar is complete how everything shifts. The house should have images of rooms in the windows, but as you can see...again, down and left.


Any help here? This is literally one of the only competent sites I know of.


By the by- where is the "My Browser Builds" thread?

3 Gardenscapes Garden Screen Notice Flaws.JPG

1 Gardenscapes  House And Rooms, see images behind windows are off.JPG

5 Gardenscapes Loading Screen Just Finished- Note Shift.JPG

7 Gardenscapes Typical Off-Center Scene.JPG

6 Gardenscapes Loading Screen Looks Normal.JPG

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Sorry about leaving that out- that Sony is Windows XP Home Edition. It also has 32MB video RAM, although SwiftShader may add to that, given how often it solves "C0000005" error messages.


Funny thing- I downloaded Beetlebug 3 and tried to run it. Failure, not uncommon with that Sony. Dropped in SwiftShader, game worked but was too clumsy to play well due to not-so-good frame rate. Set it to "windowed" mode as usual (default was "fullscreen"), shut it down, then on a hunch tried again without SwiftShader- game works great. It crashes in fullscreen mode clearly, and without SwiftShader there would have been no way to get it running- I could not find a way to manually set it.


It has been a bad week. My mother died from covid. Yesterday I had to make the funeral arrangements, and the medical bills may wipe me out. I'm not really able to concentrate too well, I guess. How could I have left out something that basic?

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