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Latest Supported Windows Vista Laptop


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Hey, does anyone have any idea what the latest fully supported Windows Vista laptop is? I tried looking for something Ivy Bridge based but I can't seem to find Vista drivers for things like the iGPU. Chipset, etc.


Thanks for any help

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I think a better question would be "what is the most powerful completely vista supported laptop?" 

Some discussions a few months ago lead me to believe the m6700 from dell would be one of the best choices but I didn't understand whether the gpu (gtx 980m or quadro m5000m (the original one can be changed with one of these and obv now I'm talking about these ones)) can be made to work or not with vista since on the official nvidia website the last mobile gpu that has vista drivers is the gtx 680m

There was mentioned a hp model but I didn't do a proper research about it since it only has 1 fan and I think it would struggle to keep the gpu and the cpu cool at the same time (the cpu and gpu in this one can also be changed just like in the m6700)

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