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StartAllBack doesn't work in Safe Mode, resulting start menu not appear at all


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Today, I had to reboot to Safe Mode to uninstall some drivers. After clicking start menu button, I've found that start menu is not showing at all. Since StartAllBack is only software that might interfere with start menu (and task bar), I assume that StartAllBack malfunctioned in Safe Mode, resulting start menu doesn't appear.



OS: Windows 11 (22000.318)

SAB: 3.1.2 (Currently the latest, double checked with update check function of SAB)


Steps to reproduce

1. Reboot to safe mode. I've done it with this command. (Yes, it requires additional user input like clicking stuff)

shutdown /r /o /t 1

2. After logging into your account, press start button at task bar.

3. Start menu is not showing at all.


PS. Maybe you can look 'Open-Shell's code, but since Open-Shell executes its own process, contrary to SAB, I'm not sure it would help or not. But when I used Open-Shell, I could open Open-Shell's start menu even in Safe Mode.

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SIB/SAB is totally disabled in Safe Mode by default.

You can enable it via group policy or registry values:

EnableInSafeMode=(DWORD)1 in HKCU\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack or HKLM\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack


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