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Windows Updates Removing Flash

Jody Thornton

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If I download this October’s updates from the Microsoft Catalog for Windows Server 2012 or for Windows 8.1, do they still remove the built in Adobe Flash component?

There has to be someone that can answer this.  I last installed updates on Windows 8 back in June.  I'm hoping I can skip the last three months (which include the Flash removal tool), and resume installing updates in October and November (that is provided the Flash removal tool is no longer part of the updates),

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it seems only the July 2021 & August 2021 security only updates [aka. KB5004302 & KB5005094 for Win8 / Server 2012] (and any W8.x big monthly "rollups" from July 2021 onwards) are the only updates that do remove activex flash.

the Sep 2021 security only updates like KB5005607 for Win8 and KB5005627 for Win8.1, on the other hand, do NOT remove flash as Microsoft mistakenly said they would include flash removal but in reality these updates do not even touch the adobe flash files and the flash player control panel app remains intact :P

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