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Invalid windows image path


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I'm trying to use this tool for the first time.  It won't source in the files from the Windows install disk.

1)I mount a Windows ISO in Explorer

2) I copy the contents to an empty folder.

3) Under the Image tab in NTLite, I click on Add, and select the folder I populated in Step 2.

4) I get 'Invalid Windows Image path  (with useful instructions in the error box that aren't working).


I've tried the above (even removing the read only permissions from the directory tree).  I've tried mounting the ISO, and grabbing from that.  I've even tried referencing the ISO itself.   I'm missing something basic here, but I don't know what.  Can someone give me a push?  Thanks.




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Sorry, my mistake.  I didn't realize I had to use version for making installs for XP.  I thought version of the tool was for use on windows XP [only].   Got it working.

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