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Turn ANY change in xp into a registry key


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Im making my unattended xp disc and im having a small problem.

There are various tweaks i want made to my desktop and look upon install. So in other words, i need a registry file that does these changes.

The problem lies in EXTREAMLY specific changes that i want made. Because of this i can't find the registry tweaks anywhere. For example things such as moving the taskbar up two spaces, adding quick launch to the top row. Completely rearranging the startmenu, etc...

So using registry comparison programs i can take a snapshot of my original registry right after install and then i can make all the changes i need and take another snapshot and see what was changed. But the problem is, i dont know how to take these incredibly long hex values and registry key values and put them into working key changes. the changes shown by this program that were done, look nothing like a normal reg tweak i might find off a website. Any help and direction in this would be greatly appreciated :)

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The very best and i have been using for a long time and I have used em all and I do mean all.


Those that take a snapshot then you have to sort out are crap.

This one take's a snapshot, you apply tweak, you Analyze

You go down and expand and right click on the reg entries and choose Export as a reg file. Note that there are 3 entries for reg, Added, Modified, Deleted but you can sort out what's needed with a little pratice. This thing even analyzes file changes but it take's a little longer scanning a 120mb drive loaded with a lot of stuff.

Then of course not plugging myself I use my own Jump2Reg program available on my webpage below to jump into the reg where changes are being made for further analyzing. Its lite and out of the way. Thinking about adding the scanning to it but it would take awhile.

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One note on that InstallWatch

It exports entries in old REGEDIT4 syntax

I have found just a couple key's it didn't want to work on so add

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

to top of your export.

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Those are 2 completely different RegHive's. Pop open Regedit and look

The HKEY_CURRENT_USER is you as you are logged on and the

HKEY_USERS\YOUR PID is you also.

Normally you don't need to save the HKEY_USERS entries. I have seen only a couple that apply to you and with a little pratice its easy to pick out. If it repeats whats in the HKCU then it is not needed to save.


BTW If it writes to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT its applying to default User and you may need that.

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