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Compatibility Mode

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Hmm, disregard.

Doesn't look like that will get me where I need to be anyway.

Here's what I was hoping and maybe somebody can still offer a suggestion or two.

When I open VirtualBox (v4.3.28) on a two-monitor computer, if I open in Compatibility Mode and run in 256 colors, Guest Display #1 will be in 256 colors but Guest Display #2 will be in 32-bit.

If I set my host displays to 16-bit, Guest Display #1 and Guest Display #2 are still in 32-bit.

I can manually set Guest Display #1 and Guest Display #2 to 16-bit, but only Display #1 can have a resolution greater than X x Y (forgot the actual resolution).

Display #2 is limited to roughly only half the width of the actual monitor.

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Just leave that unticked and manually switch your desktop to a 16bit mode.

Which program is this about?

nvm. posted at te same time :)


Why do you run Virtualbox in compatibility mode?

Maybe try to use a generic monitor driver for the 2nd display?

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We must have both been typing at the same time.

I'm trying to get VirtualBox to autmatically run two screens in 16-bit color but trying to keep a resolution of 1835 x 975 on both of the Guest OS screens.

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My Host is XP x64 with 5 monitors.

My Guest is Win 7 x86 with 2 monitors (VirtualBox allows you one monitor per Host monitor).

But when I drop my Guests down to 16-bit, my primary can be windowed at near-full resolution (I keep a column of Host OS desktop icons visible), so Guest Display #1 is at 1835 x 975.

But my Guest Display #2 maxes out at 1174 x 975.

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33 minutes ago, RainyShadow said:

Why do you run Virtualbox in compatibility mode?

I don't under normal circumstances.

I work from home and I have a new customer that runs me through a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and runs a Flash-Locked version of IE11.

It's a lot of graphics and there's a lot of "lag" unless I drop down to 16-bit graphics.


Much appreciated for your assistance.

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