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Now all images + some smilies have vanished (without JS)


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Something is going on with images at the moment, most need javascript now to load from "data-src" instead of "src". Otherwise are completely invisible (1x1 px transparent REAL image).... even some smilies... suppose work in progress yet behind the scenes...
But for the time being, if you can't run JS all the time (e.g. because js kills the ips-EDITOR and you can't post without it / pre FF44?), but if you want at least some HINT that there's a missing image, add something like this to your user css (e.g. profile/chrome/userContent.css):

/* Missing images without JS
GREEN border is for own forum SMILIES, RED border for the rest
body.ipsApp img[data-src][src*="/spacer.png"]{
color: red !important;
outline: 3px dotted red !important;
margin: 12px !important;
background-color: yellow !important;
min-width: 40px !important;
min-height: 40px !important;
body.ipsApp img[data-src*="/uploads/emoticons/"]{
outline: 3px dotted lime !important;
min-width: 20px !important;
min-height: 20px !important;
body.ipsApp img[data-src]:hover{
max-height: none !important; max-width: none !important;
height: auto !important; width: auto !important;
/* WHY does that not work?? */
body.ipsApp img[data-src]:before {
content: " IMG: " attr(data-src) " " !important;

Edited by siria
Better smilie-selector, now (hopefully) universal for other IPS-forums too
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At least smilies seem to have returned :-)

Tried again to load invisible posted images the intended way WITH javascript, but didn't help. In old browsers the original ips-JS does nothing at all. Images remain completely invisible and unnoticable (transparent 1x1px spacer.png) Suspecting IPS may insist on modern-only javascript functions for this too, even for a simple attribute loop?
Without user css tweak no chance to even notice, and without a data-src userscript/addon/macro/bookmarklet no chance to load the real images in older browsers.
(Tested with fallback K-Meleon74 / engine PM26/FF24+):

Found this original code in xxxx_frameworks.css (ca 75%)

background:rgb( var(--theme-area_background_light) );

This is an example image (borrowed one by schwups, no chance to upload anything myself anymore):


And this is my attempt to post an image visible for old browsers too (or if JS disabled in modern ones):

IMAGE: Reply.png
- with a hint text
- with a hint border
- and wrapped in a normal download link
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Thanks for confirmation! I often wonder if it's just me if no one else ever mentions bugs which are IMO killer probs (usually in KM) ;-)
So, just for getting to see posted images, latest update for all IPS-forums now demands not only JS, but even min Firefox44? Whow, pretty hefty IMHO....
And worry a bit what that may mean for storing images in wayback archive, no idea....

workaround: e.g. a little bookmarklet for loading images in older browsers.
Short test in Retrozilla seems ok:

javascript:(function(){var img, i, LIST=document.images; if (document.querySelectorAll) LIST=document.querySelectorAll('img[data-src]'); for (i=0; i < LIST.length; i++){img=LIST[i]; if (img.getAttribute('data-src')) {img.src=img.getAttribute('data-src'); img.style.height='auto'; img.style.width='auto';}}})()

example testpage, with 8 screenshots etc. in lower half of page:

Edited by siria
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