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help with booting my custom windows xp


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so i have this error on windows xp while trying to boot on my laptop but i get a messge to selct the asms file but i odnt have a cd or a service pack and the appp said to not ask microsoft for help also the app is not saveing the seesoins after i do them bucse i dont have a sessoin file soo i was wondering how to get arround this.

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the one you sent is not the same error its trying to find service pack 2 but i dont have that also i booted from usb the setps i took was wach a youtube video then i found out t=about this thing so i got my windows xp iso image and i took the files from it and used it and when i was makeing it i folowed the steps and then i got to the service pack part and it asked for a intsaller but i have an disk image for it and no insatller for the disk image so i am having to skip it also i got service pack 2 from microsoft website enywase i followed the insatll wizzard and made chamges like makeing have the classic look then i use ruffus to burn the iso to my usb and then i boot from it it works untill the the 2nd part of the installer (after the format part) and it says windows needs service pack 2 plase locate where this file is and i have an aptoin for the c drive but i cant figure out how to get pased it.

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