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Is it possible to install latest Streamlink ?

kuja killer

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Hello again, i was hoping to get a little bit of assistance with installing the latest streamlink 1.7.0, for watching Twitch streams in an exteneral player (in my case, Media Player Classic HC) - First of all, i have an older version one of the developers made for Windows XP back in 2017, which came with a pre-bundled python 3.4.4 found in this topic:


It's worked just fine for me, no problems up until only a week ago when Twitch changed their API system, causing streamlink to always return a  "404 gone" or not found error from the twitch website itself. And from what I understand, that's not a problem in the current 1.7.0 - i think and they've addressed it for a new update later (using twitch's new setting)

I researched awhile and found some topics on the XP board here about python 3.5 and 3.7 by "dibya" First i tried the file by Dibya from this thread, but it didnt work as it would crash about "couldnt find encodings" or something.


Then i tried the downloading the folder someone posted here, and this worked just fine, and i think it has the "pip" already included.


I emailed the developer beardypig about it, he said it would require at least python 3.6, then install streamlink with "pip" which i havent exactly done yet cause i dont know the step-by-step procedure. I just only tried the regular Streamlink 1.7.0 installer but it did not ever create the "streamlink.exe" in the bin folder for some reason. is it because of it coming with a bundled python 3.6 of it's own apparently ?? it created it's own python folder with 3.6 files, which i assume were Windows 7+ related. :( At the end of the installer, the window mentions "byte compiling" files..which im guessing was supposed to be the streamlink.exe which did not get generated.

I used the installer exe from here:


How would i use this "pip" thing exactly with the XP python 3.7 ? does it compile it with that specifically ? And i dont understand the procedure about "sudo pip install --upgrade streamlink" -- do i need the installer exe in the same folder where the pip exe is at, in the python 3.7 folders or something ? i really dont understand how this works. :(

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This seems to be written for newer Windows versions, but should work as a guide - https://phoenixnap.com/kb/install-pip-windows

Regarding "sudo pip install --upgrade streamlink" - sudo is a Linux command to run the following as administrator (root). In Windows you instead just start the command prompt itself (cmd.exe) as administrator (only if needed), then use "pip install --upgrade streamlink".

Upgrade through pip may need a previous install through pip as well, not sure about this. If it doesn't work, try "pip install streamlink" instead.

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this is really fustrating. :( well that person's folder that i downloaded that i linked to specifically ..well it already has a get-pip.py file ...and the pip.exe is in the "scripts" folder. but i did the python get-pip.py - and it says it's version 19.1.1 - so that's good right ?

then i tried going to the scripts folder, and do the version test, like that site says in the tutorial ...but it gives this error about no encoding ? All of them say the same thing - pip3, pip3.7, and wheel...i dont know what to do next. :(


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I finally got it to work. I've been fighting with this for seriously hours on end for the past 3 days straight until i finally got through. I'd always get some type of error like that "non utf8 encoding" one above ... python line errors this and that ... when i finally tried just the "install streamlink" thing, i'd get some error about failed to install iso-639  "import version" and "no module named iso-639"  ...then i manually got the iso 639 from the py website, and put the directories in the python37\lib\site-packages\ folder ...try again, and it actually installed. :)

But with more errors though about "not on path" or something 

quote "WARNING: The script streamlink.exe is installed in 'C:\Python37\Scripts' which
 is not on PATH." (and a few other files)

It took forever, but it actually worked after that. :) Streamlink 1.7.0 + media player opens like normal the way it always did before, the whole twitch changing their API system.


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