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Radio players for Windows 9x


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Old Winamp 2.95 can do that. Click on the top-left corner on the wave symbol, then go to "Play", then to "Location". There you have to enter the webradio stream. I wonder, what the hardware requirements for this task actually are. Must be quite low.


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I tried with Winamp 5.35. I tried to put an URL. It don't play nothing and it's like is permanently connecting. ¿Is it due to the version of IE or I need to install old Firefox or another browser? Retrozilla can't play radios, it's a vm and I don't want to install KernelEX.

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What URLs you tried? If it's http/https address, opening it in IE should give you either a media file or a playlist file download. URLs that don't open in IE won't open in Winamp as well.

For rtmp or rtsp URLs you can also try Windows Media player.


Also check if your Winamp install has the needed plugins for the stream you try to play.

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I managed to stream the radio which I wanted, if anyone need to know the structure, this is the linc.


Is important not to use services that reduce the length of the url such as adf.ly and be sure that the page don't require credentials such as username and password.

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