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Gmail account with tiny words, numbers and signs

Tomaso Albinoni

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Hi everybody,

I finally got a brandnew account @ MSFN and I'd like to know if anybody else got the same tragic problem like me:

When I open my gmail-account each & every single letter, number & sign is wee as can be. You can't even read it by what we Germans call "Bildschirmlupe". It surely doesn't depend on my (Opera) browser eversince all other account and websites work properly. And even worse is that Google can't be reached by phone (one starting +49(0)40... and the other +49 (0) 800... The robotic machines only tell you that because of the Corona crisis [sorry, I just can't hear it anymore!!!] the system is shut down and there's not a single human able to talk to you. What kind of fu... pretext is this? Epson, Sony, VW, Mercedes and many many more can be reached by phone - but not Google. 

And so, my dear friends, I ask you whether someone of you has got the same problem and, possibly, how to manage this fauxpas.

There's lots of people hiding behind dis-eases, if it's Corona or just a broken leg....

Thank you so much and best wishes from Germany,

Tomaso A.

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