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internal media card readers

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Trying to source a decent media card reader for a pc I'm putting together. I have a few computer hanging around that came with them but I never bought one before. I would prefer that it uses usb 3.0 or maybe even sata 3 (which I didn't see any of those) but all I can find is what all the reviews call junk or parts that were made in the XP era. sd cards are getting some decent transfer rates now and this would be used to transfer alot of GB worth of video so is it possible to get a decent reader to fit into a 5.25 slot? And already have an external one. just trying for a cleaner setup is all. 

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Yes like that. And you can correct me for   my ignorance but I've seen alot of those including fan control. I don't see a fan on the unit and I know alot of older builds had external fan controls before you could tune all that stuff via bios settings on new motherboards. So is that what's that for? I don't have any need for it but anyways a reader like that is what I'm looking for with some positive feedback.

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Cannot say anything abot the specific item but DeLock is a brand dedicated to professionals and prosumers, so - generally speaking - they are not particularly cheap but tend to have good quality products.

The idea of a front panel fan controller is that (if you have them) of balancing/regulating the speed of front (intake) fans, casually the topic just came out here:

and to reduce noise by slowing down the fan if there is no need for it.

The DeLock one has only one fan controller, but there are many with 2 and (another example) this with 4 fan controllers:


and this has (another example, but USB 2.0) 6 of them :w00t::


A model that actually makes some sense if the idea is to control temperature via (front) fans is this one (another example) with 2 controllers AND temperature indication:



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Well thanks for the explanation. On that note friends and I just rebuilt our media server. Polluted with fans front and bottom intake rear and top exhaust. Bigs fans can't hardly hear them in a quiet room. I've been watching temps under load and it doesn't seem like anything is even trying to get warm lol. Our Enterprise hard drives had me worried but they stay close to ambient in that case. I'll look more into delock. At a quick glance I didn't see them for sale anywhere normal. I typically order from Newegg or Amazon.


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Delock (Tragant GmbH) is German, and as said it is usually placed "above" the normal home/consumer stuff, most probably in the USA has not much of a presence (while it is actually common enough to find their products in the EU), as an example amazon.co.uk has it:


(but seemingly not amazon.com)

Since the thingy is anyway made in China, very likely it exists with some other branding in the US, this one seems pretty much like the same:



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