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  1. Well memory is 2133 so 32GB quad channel made me change to the 1650. It now reports running at 2133. Thanks again for the info.
  2. Great info thanks. I did miss the memory speed difference. I'll have to pull a memory module but I thought I had 2133 memory and it's showing up running at 1866 which is max for the 2640. I think as little as that would be I may make that my determining factor. I'm not going to let him edit a video on each processor to make a choice. If I have 2133 I'll switch to the 1650. Either choice is going to work light years better than what he's used to.
  3. Ok got a Dell t5810. Original vendor was going to supply me with one that had an e5-1603 v3 cpu. I went ahead and ordered an e5-1650 v3 cpu. The virus screwed me out of getting that 5810 though. Located another one actually at a better price and it came with an e5-2640 v3. So now I have an 8 core 2.6-3.4 cpu and a 6 core 3.5-3.8 cpu. Benchmarks look very similar across the board.. This is for a co worker that will be doing GPU accelerated video editing and encoding. I contacted the software company he uses for video editing and all they can tell me is they recommend an I5 cpu. Could not tell me if it can use more cores and what not. I have both here so what would you do? Should I install both and benchmark myself? I know nothing about video editing so I can't really fake my way though that.
  4. What kind of files do you want to store and how much space do you need? I've seen yearly payment options but I haven't seen one time. Google does unlimited photos and video with 15gb of anything else and I can share whatever I want from it. It's free. If you want an actual backup solution with a lifetime payment I really don't think your going to find it. You could set up network attached storage cheap enough but eventually your drives will go bad so you will have to buy new ones.
  5. Ok so in my office where I work on computers I have no Ethernet.....stupid I know I just haven't got to running cables as there's other projects going on in the home anyways setting up someone's desktop I've bridge a connection off my laptop or desktop so I can have internet. I don't like USB adapters they have been sketchy for me. So I went to get one of those extenders that have an Ethernet port on them and I seen a tplink router for 30 bucks. Ac1200. I went ahead and disabled DHCP and set it up. Works great . Questions though I am connecting on the 5ghz side and attempted to force the channel width on my main router and secondary router to 80mhz. Doing so disabled any use of the second router. I no longer had access to it being plugged into a lan port. So reset the router and left both at Auto. The other thing I wondered and it's probably nothing is on the status page it says it's not connected to the internet mainly because it's looking for a cable in the wan port. Now I know that when cascading a wired network I would still be going primary router lan to secondary router lan I'm guessing using WiFi it acts as the same? I also did not see any options to set the wan port up as a lan so I could get an extra port but that's not a big deal. Main router I'm using is a Linksys wrt3200acm and the secondary router is a tplink acher c50 v2.
  6. Well thanks for the explanation. On that note friends and I just rebuilt our media server. Polluted with fans front and bottom intake rear and top exhaust. Bigs fans can't hardly hear them in a quiet room. I've been watching temps under load and it doesn't seem like anything is even trying to get warm lol. Our Enterprise hard drives had me worried but they stay close to ambient in that case. I'll look more into delock. At a quick glance I didn't see them for sale anywhere normal. I typically order from Newegg or Amazon. Thanks
  7. Yes like that. And you can correct me for my ignorance but I've seen alot of those including fan control. I don't see a fan on the unit and I know alot of older builds had external fan controls before you could tune all that stuff via bios settings on new motherboards. So is that what's that for? I don't have any need for it but anyways a reader like that is what I'm looking for with some positive feedback.
  8. Trying to source a decent media card reader for a pc I'm putting together. I have a few computer hanging around that came with them but I never bought one before. I would prefer that it uses usb 3.0 or maybe even sata 3 (which I didn't see any of those) but all I can find is what all the reviews call junk or parts that were made in the XP era. sd cards are getting some decent transfer rates now and this would be used to transfer alot of GB worth of video so is it possible to get a decent reader to fit into a 5.25 slot? And already have an external one. just trying for a cleaner setup is all.
  9. Working on a friends media server coping a whole bunch of old drives to a new storage pool. He was using a robocopy command and I noticed he did not have a restartable switch. Now i'm sure the way this went down that there a few files that were cut off half way. If I just re run a robocopy script will it see that file as a changed file and update it? I was thinking if that was the case I would just run the script for all the drives and let it pick up whatever it needs to. should only be talking about a handful of files across 5 drives so it shouldn't take long.
  10. I do my best not to move a spinning drive in any way. Thank you for confirming about the vibration. Searching the net just brings up people using rubber isolators and rubber bands to stop it like it's the norm. I obviously didn't feel the same way and why I made the thread. I'm doing extended test on the drives I think are good now and will def. be getting a rma for the 2 that vibrate.
  11. Well I decided to take some drives out of my desktop and toss one of the vibrating drives in a caddy and install it. vibration is not bearable. Also was able to use some real drive checking utilities because I was now hooked up with a sata cable vs usb and it failed the test pretty fast and kicked some errors out. I'm running the second drive now.
  12. I need to ask because I have almost zero experience here. Just got 4 6tb HGST 7200 rpm drives refurbished from goharddrive. I'm currently testing them out to make sure they are good to go. each drive has roughly 300 hours on it so very little up time. Now for just about everything i've done before I've dealt with ssd's and smaller hdds. never a 6tb 3.5 hdd. I am using a dual hdd dock to run these currently from my laptop because I don't have any sata ports free in my desktop so I understand that they are not "mounted" and they are not being cooled by a fan. However I am just gauging them against themselves. I have 2 drives that almost make no sound or vibration. temps around 110 degrees after 2 64GB full benchmark test using crystal disk mark. The other 2 drives have a vibration. enough that I had to take a business card and wedge it along the drive in my dock because it was too annoying. being secured I can feel my desk vibrate but it didn't seem awful. temps on these doing the same benchmarks were around 127 degrees. Fahrenheit by the way. all 4 drives read and write above 200 and the other benchmarks match up as well. Is there any reason for concern here? should I try to RMA two drives?
  13. I'm not going to try and answer why you may have lost your drive. I've lost many over the years. As a rule any time I'm placing an order for myself or someone else I hide atleast 1 32gb USB 3 drive in that order. At like 7 bucks for a really good drive I'll just keep tossing them and never saving anything important on them. Other than that for doing any bootable media I always use Rufus. And whenever I have something screwed up on a drive I use diskpart clean to wipe it and start over. First hiccup I get out of a drive it just goes in the trash.
  14. Hi I'm trying to find out what all this software can use hardware wise. I sent a message to avs support and didn't get a reply. A co worker of mine does media for some local race tracks on the side and bought this software a couple years back. It's currently being ran off a laptop and files stored on a bunch of external drives. He asked if I could put a budget tower together for him. Trying to make the best bang for the buck here and I don't know if this software can use more cores or use more single core speed better. I don't know how much memory it can use up and if a GPU like a GTX 1650 super would be a good choice for hardware acceleration. I found that they had a requirement page but it seemed dated and generic. And FYI if anyone just tells me to use some new current CPU with a bunch of cores and is really fast I'm trying to stay under 700 including storage so that's why I'm asking the specifics here. Thanks
  15. I was just looking for a clean way to set this up. I want the redundancy and I want to have 2 separate drives. What I liked about my idea is that I can use all of my drive space no matter how much or how little I have on a vhdx I mean like if I divided everything up so I had 2 4tb drives I could put 4tb on each obviously. The other way I could have 7 on one and 1 on the other. Now that's not realistic but 5 and 3 probably is. I thought about just using 1 pool and creating 2 files in it which would work I just thought it would be a little nicer to point to a specific drive. I'm probably over thinking this but regardless of what I do I'd like an answer. I found this asked one other time on a different forum and the answer was unclear. I thought it would have been common to have a large refs pool that people would set a bunch of vhdx's up for virtual machines but I'm either wrong or nobody post about it lol.
  16. I just had a question of whether this is a good practice or not. It seems to work fine but I've only short term tested. I will have 4 physical disk that I will make a mirrored storage space pool formatted refs. Pool will be 8tb physical and I'm going to set it to 32tb for future expansion. I then want to make 2 vhdx drives within this. Each vhdx will be set to 16tb. I can obviously keep an eye of the physical storage being used and add 2 drives at a time when needed. What I have a concern about is the vhdx inside the refs pool. Vhdx is formatted ntfs. Do I get the benefits of refs while using this setup or is this just a totally wrong setup?
  17. Trying to figure out why my optiplex 7010MT has no "raid on" under sata operation in bios. I was trying to test something out using Intel rst. I'm running an up to date windows 10 pro. I have the latest bios installed. I have Intel rst installed(newest version that will install right now is 13 this is old) I read that I can update rst after I have raid turned on in bios. There is also supposed to be an option when hitting F12 before boot called device configuration. This is missing. I have a latitude e6430 and everything is where it needs to be. I have tried downgrading the bios and it made no change. I can't believe that there is no option to turn raid on this machine.
  18. Well what confuses me is it being called a two way mirror. Meaning in a 2 disk setup each disk should have an identical copy of 100 percent of the data. What I didn't realize is that I guess in my 4 drive setup is that it only gives me one column of data. I could manually configure 2 columns using power she'll when building the pool but the minimum number of drives that I would need to add to the pool would be 4 to keep it efficient. With 2 columns it would basically be a software raid 10. When this server needs upgraded the most I can see being spent would be for 2 more drives at a time so I'll leave it at the default. I am assuming the drives I had in mind which are 4tb wd gold Enterprise drives should read/write fast enough to flood the gig Ethernet connection which in reality is all I can ask for. I may start the build with 5 drives and leave the 5th raw and not part of the pool so I can easily add it in if a drive is showing signs of failure.if I can get my hands on a spare SSD I may play with Intel rst to make it a cache drive. I'm not interested in SSD tiering with storage spaces because I only need read cache and should only need one drive for it. At any rate I have about 2 weeks to decide how I want the storage before it needs to be put into use.
  19. Ok of someone could explain a few things to me. I've been testing and reading alot but something's remain a mystery. I have 4x500GB 2.5 5400rpm drives for testing. I've been playing with setting them up as a two way mirrored storage space. First question is when I set up all the drives and then I loaded about 500GB of data onto the pool. I then removed one of the drives and it evenly split the data on the three remaining drives. I thought this was odd so I sent over another 24GB file that again was dispersed 3 ways. How did my two way mirror become a three way mirror? Benchmarks shown with 4 drives write speeds where around 80MBps and 3 dropped it to 40. Second question is since storage spaces should stripe data why does my 4 drive array test at 80 when I have any single drive test at 80. But if I set up two mirrored pools and then stripe them using disk management the new array test at over 140. I have no plans on combining storage space mirrors and disk management stripes it was only a test. Ultimate goal is to have 4x4TB drives set up as a two way mirror using refs file system with 2 virtual hard drives inside. I just want them to run as efficient as possible. I'm using windows 10 pro and building the array in a windows 10 workstation vm so I can use refs.
  20. oh total side note here and most likely its something that won't work but on the dell 4500s I have running win98 on right now it has a pci nic that is attached via a pci sidecar cage. this sidecar slot is something new to me but i do see that there are isa sidecar cards available for not much money on ebay. These were originally made for early dell optiplex computers like a gx110. Does anyone think its possible for one of these newer systems to pick up? I'm assuming that this 360 will have a similar slot on it. I do have access to a ISA card that ran an old snap on alignment camera system to test if I think I made it work.
  21. ya I know about the gb limit. I plan to use a 120gb ssd and I can't imagine I'd use more than a 40gb partition for 98 because well 40gb is already insane for that OS. about the ahci driver. I don't have this system yet so I don't know if there even is an ahci option in the bios but if there is and I want to use it.....I'm not asking if anything is practical or if I do it one way or another it wont matter I'm really doing this because I've been finding it fun to p*** around with this old OS and getting it to work right. If and when I do buy this I will post all the progress and how I did everything. I do plan on making this very powerful and reliable. I will be replacing the power supply , the hdd for a ssd, a cd/dvd combo drive and I may get one of those floppy emulator drives. I would also like to do some research on the best gpu I can get that will support xp and 98. I'll also be going over the mother board to see if any caps will need replaced (thats as far as I can go in motherboard diag and repair)
  22. Ok I think I got a line on a Precision 360 tower for cheap. I'd like to make a dual boot 98se/xp system like I just did with a 4500s. Had some questions if someone can answer. I do know that the chipset for this should be supported for 98. But for the plug and play bios I have read 2 different things. When setting up I see to run the setup with the /pi switch and others say to use the /pj switch. when exploring 98 setup switches it says /pj can only be ran after /pi and plug and play bios was already configured. Maybe someone could shed some more light on this topic?? I would also like to have no ide cables in this build. The mother board has 2 sata ports. I would like to have a sata ssd and a sata cd/dvd drive. Should I just be able to set sata operation in ide compatibility mode and load 98 then apply r.lowes patches for sata and ahci reboot change bios settings and be good to go or am I going to have to modify a 98 iso and have these patches extracted and slipstreamed into it? also this should have a P4 HT processor. Do I have to disable hyperthreading in the bios or can I just leave it there so XP can use it and 98 will just see one core? I know theres going to be alot to figure out seeing that my fastest full 98 install to date with the whole computer working took me about 15 hours lol just trying to answer some of the things rolling in my head right now before I buy it.
  23. ok well I manually gave it an ip address. took it out of automatic. I didn't really notice a boot difference. And I guess I really shouldn't be complaining about this. the boot is really not all that long. I just thought I could get it down a little bit if there was a problem. And you would be correct. network card was configured but I'm not going to hook this up to the internet. Its actually funny I don't have any ethernet up in my office where I do all my computer work lol.
  24. so fresh install of 98se and using the unofficial sp3. my boot takes longer now and in the middle of it I get a dos prompt screen that says C:\>SET PATH=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WBEM;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND Is this something I can somehow permanently change so it's not delaying the bootup?
  25. awesome. worked great. got my usb keyboard,mouse and flash drive working right now. now to the next step and another thread lol. by the way you said to install v3.3 so I found it and I did. the version I had on file here from the last build was actually 3.6. Thanks for the help.

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