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DOS vesa graphic drivers


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I have DOS image viewers on my Windows ME computer, but they can't recognize any screen resolution beyond 800x600 High Color. When I'm running Windows my graphics display is set to 1024x768 True Color. But when I run a dos prompt under windows, and use DOS programs, they don't detect higher resolutions.

I would like to be able to use the 1024x768 resolution that my graphics card is capable of, while in DOS mode, if possible. Is there some updated VESA driver that I can use?

My graphic card is the integrated kind.... here are my computer specs:


Only thing I've upgraded is the RAM.

Things I've tried: rebooting the computer in DOS mode, which didn't work, programs still don't recognize anything more than 800x600.


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Maybe I just need a better video card?

If anyone is aware of a video card that works in DOS, with minimal fuss, and at 1024x768 resolution with programs like QPV/386, PictView, QuickView Pro, SEA, Display, I would be thrilled! Thanks!

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In DOS mode I think that the video diver will not be running. One of our members has designed a standard graphics driver that is 1024 x 768 and 256 colors. I apologize that I can not find their post. When a DOS program is running in Windows the program is displayed in the task bar. If you right click the program in the task bar and select properties then screen, the program can be run in full screen or windowed. In windowed mode the DOS window can be stretched to 960 in my system. The aspect ratio is about 3 x 2 though. In PicView the system information F4 key :- see image.


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