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WIFI Download Speed issue


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Recently i am experiencing a weird issue with my laptop wifi, the speed limited to nearly 4-5Mbps to download but upload is fine.

I tried all the below things.

1. Tested with another dongle also still it limited to same, if i connected that dongle to another machine it is fine.

2. Done Network Reset also.

3. Ethernet of Wired LAN is showing upto100Mbps 


Just three days back my Laptop upgraded to build 1903 still i am experiencing the same issue.

Is there any particular setting or anything else do i need to check or modified.  Please let me know.


I cant reset this machine now has lots of important things installed 


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In order to troubleshoot an issue on wireless, you need to shorten the distance. It means, that you would want to look at speeds within your network, between computers rather than upload to someplace online. That is to see if the issue is with the wireless connection/environment rather than some slow website or route link along the way.

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