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Is there a size-limit for inf's?

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I am trying to change from reg files to inf files for my unattended dvd, but I'm having some troubles with my registry tweaks.

When I use the "big" inf-file, the settings doesn't apply, but if I shrink them down to small pieces, the tweaks are working.

Is there a size limit on how much you can add to an inf-file?



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Thank you for answering, tim.

Searched the forum without luck, but I found this deep inside Microsoft's site:

INF Size Limits

A Windows 9x/Me INF file cannot be larger than 64 kilobytes. There is no practical limit to the size of an INF file for NT-based systems.

Anyway it's working now, after correcting some typos... :)

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My apologies for the incorrect info.  :D

Ya live and learn  :rolleyes:

what incorrect info you was correct under win9x there is a 64kb limit as another member (ToBe) found it on a deep microsoft site :)

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The 64k limit is from windows 3.1, which is why the registry was made. I think that msdn article is wrong, an .inf is much different than an .ini which has the 64k limit in win9x.


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