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Google Chrome for Windows 98? with a KernelEx


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If you're intending to install the latest version of Chromium on Windows 9x, then you're out of luck. Chromium never supported 9x and only extremely early versions would run on Windows 2000 SP4 w/ Rollup 1 (also required a OS-spoofer)!

BUT, it could be possible to install a very early version of Chrome on Windows 98/ME. According to this topic, you will need...
PROBLEMCHYLD's Unofficial Windows 98 service pack (main system updates for 98)
Windows ME unofficial service pack (main system updates if using ME)
Blackwingcat's Chrome Tool
KernelEx 4.5.2
An offline Chrome installer (perhaps a version earlier than 8.0)

You will need to update Windows 98 or ME with the unofficial service pack, then reboot and install KernelEx, reboot again and attempt to use Blackwingcat's chrome tool. Be sure to set compatibility mode to W2K or later!

I cannot guarantee this will work, but feel free to try! ;)

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