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Default Browser (Link Protection) can someone code it?

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just a tiny thing (i am thinking from time to time) and cant code it myself, a "Default Browser (Link Protection)"


Some programs just have url´s that open on click, or automatic, starting the Default Browser, and open a Website (as example the latest "snappy driver installer", just opens a website with default browser, when maximize the windows... - For me this is kind of hjacking, - i like to be asked, if i wanna open it (cause maybe i am logged in on my bank, or whatever, and just because i do something else, i don´t want that another "crappy" site is loaded, and track my cookies, or whatever...)


I need a tiny Prog.exe (as Defaultbrowser) that links to mybrowser.exe, and if a url try´s to open the defaultbrowser, it needs to show me that url, and ask me, if i like to open it... (maybe with "choice: iexplore.exe, explorer.exe, mshta.exe, firefox.exe, chrome.exe, opera.exe...)

I think this would be easy programmable, maybe with Auto-It, i just don´t know how to catch the url flag... (i just dont have the nerve, to move my mind into autoit, or coding...)

Would be nice if someone would sacrifice some time to code it, many people would benefit...



- redirection checkup

- check with virustotal

- add to hosts file...

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There are multiple ways that a link can be opened. Running a URL through Explorer will cause Explorer to open the default browser to render the link. For this specific instance only, you are looking for creating a wrapper for this circumstance. This will require you to change your default browser in the registry to the wrapper. That is the proper way to handle this type of thing, rather than having some active process running on the system monitoring for this specific event... and it may indeed make things more complicated as a result.

Another method of launching a URL is to use a program option, such as specifically calling iexplore (or whatever) to launch the link. In this case, a wrapper as the Default Browser will not help, and then what you would need is a browser extension...

Although another way to handle this is to set a specific browser as your default, then lock that down so that it doesn't go anywhere. You could set IE to be your default browser and then use whitelist policy on the Internet Zone, or perhaps even enable that safe-browseing thing that is default on Server OSes.

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