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New Aero Glass Build 1.5.11


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On 3/28/2019 at 4:57 AM, UCyborg said:

It's anything but trivial, that's for sure.

I suspect what @mikedigitize meant when he said nope was that he wasn't interested in the new Windows build. I don't think Aero Glass compatibility alone is the biggest concern, Microsoft keeps breaking things left and right, stuff that should just work. When was the last time you've seen the empty known issues section in the cumulative updates changelogs? It's a rare sight. Plus the bugs that exist but aren't on those lists. :whistle:

Offtopic but you're right - maybe i'm oldschool but I don't think that it should be the right way to distribute a update which blocks the symptom with the knowledge that I sacrifice other working parts of the main os.
If you read the changelog ( or better to talk about the issue log ) its like a medicament supply document: "For risks and side effects ask the programmer or Microsoft"


On 3/26/2019 at 9:25 PM, Ronin2011 said:

Well we don't really know how hard it is, maybe he doesn't have time to spare anymore. who knows..

Yes, it was only for example but I think it is. I tried ( in the past ) to learn how to build myown Shellextention there are so many different handles etc pp. which also change partially from windows to windows. Look at Ave's WSB there is great guy who need to update every stupid windows version the shellhack scripts that they work with the new windows 1903 - or make themes compatible with it. In the frontend of a design you wont the the difference but behind things changed. Try out mach2 and search the web about the complete list of windows features and you will see how much dead or sleeping stuff/features are already there much of it changes or modified the ui itself.

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I'm extremely new at both Win10 and theming but I really wish there still were 32bit versions of AeroGlass for 1809 and higher. I'm struggling (in VirtualBox) with such 32bit 1809 to get it usable and regardless of my efforts there is no transparency or glow anywhere with any [supposedly] glass theme I found so far.

Obviously using AeroGlass 1.5.3 since there's no higher version available for 32bit Win10. Theme files succesfully patched with UltraUxThemePatcher 3.6.1.

So, is there any chance of getting back the 32bit builds, please?

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