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Firefox 12: YouTube doesn't work anymore


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Hi there,

YouTube videos won't any longer play in the HTML5-Player that comes with Firefox 12.

Is there a Firefox add-on which can reenable playback in Firefox 12?

Or is there another way to make YouTube work again?

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5 hours ago, woodpusher said:

Or another question: Which is the oldest version of Firefox that is still able to play YouTube videos?

i gave up ( and probably a lot of other people ) have on the official web browsers for older OS such as 2K and 9x. youtube not playing was a gradual problem. i only now use the newer kmeleon 76 browsers that requires the extended kernel, this is the latest version so far which may support up to 1080p - 


accessed from the forum here - http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?19,148500,148828,page=4#msg-148828

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