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Windows 95 challenge : first start hangs during vmm32.vxd load

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On 1/7/2019 at 5:30 PM, Tryphon said:

vflatd.vxd, vmouse.vxd and vmd.vxd

vmouse and vmd is mouse related. check ur mouse.
vflatd is linear framebuffer related, are u sure, thar ur vc have this feature?

anyway, this files can be deleted for test purposes.

my suggestions:
0) vmm32 is container:
dos part - realmode starter (real vmm32.vxd),
fyrst protected mode part - vmm vxd, main windows module (preboundled with vmm32.vxd, but its possible cut off in real vmm.vxd file),
all other vxds,  added in container on install procedure.

if u see that must ur vxds succefully loaded - so obviuosly, that VMM work good.
then u can replece ur system vmm32.vxd to extracted vmm..vxd from ur distr, and place all other vxds from ur distr to system\vmm32 folder.
after this, u can start windows with win /d:m command and look, which part make problems....

but before it i suggest u check all ur hadrware, especially memory.

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