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[SOLVED!] List of issues due to newer versions of oleaut32.dll and current workaround


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20 hours ago, heinoganda said:

Attention! [...] With KB4466388 the file "oleaut32.dll" is available again in its original size (550 KB), here I still have to test.
Update 2:
A test with MBAM legacywos- was successful and I could not find any problems because of the current "oleaut32.dll" of KB4466388. Apparently the missing functions were implemented again. In addition, KB4134651-v2 has been [superseded] by KB4466388.

17 hours ago, Mathwiz said:

It's still early but it appears KB4466388 (released today) finally includes a permanent fix to these OLEAUT32.DLL issues.

I confirm the problem has been solved: the oleaut32.dll from KB4466388 is good, according to my testing. :yes:

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File Verson: 5.1.2600.7594 (ENU)
CRC32: 97A44211
MD4: B3EB8646DDBDDF37D8880F29E477DAF6
MD5: F979C49B339660A6035D942E76A56409
SHA-1: 0CD70F58F7BA37C258DEDDD9F92E40C57EC1A827
SHA-256: A094CC487E4EB86D3114C2A25E1C7B91DA4CB271AE276F1BAD95AF064A96DF94

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