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Myth busting - Graphics card for Windows 98 - has not to be in 1st PCI-E slot!

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Hell ou,
somewhere you could read that Windows 98 not working with PCI-E cards at all (people here know that its nonsense), somewhere even here you can read that Windows 98 GPU has to be in PCI-E slot.

 I did testing with GB Z97 board and ATI X600 + Nvidia Geforce 1030 and Windows 98SE (+some patches, rloew patches and other things for make it working on Z97)

Important is that it was Gigabyte MB, which has in bios for some time, possiblity to select primary GPU slot (iGPU included), so have tried it with my setup, change
primary gpu slot to 2 in the Bios, removed G1030 from 2nd slot, moved X600 to second slot, 1st slot empty. Reboot - drivers detection for X600 - fine, reboot
graphics drivers fine, add G1030 to first slot - boot into Windows 98 - normal mode, all is fine, detect G1030 as generic VGA - disable device, reboot - all is still fine,
same as with X600 in first slot or X600 in second slot without G1030.

  Of course you need to change bios setting for Windows 98 boot and for other oses but its better than fiddle with physical cards positions - you could even have hint in Grub bootloader options text,
which card should be primary for which OS.

  Its definitly better use newer card as primary, default on multiboot systems.. WIth some DVI to HDMI cables and HDMI switches with input autodetection, you even dont need fiddle with cables
in cable of multiple GPU setup.. Only fiddle with that 1 bios settting.

  Other avantage is not need for dual GPU stunt in XP+ OS, because your wanted gpu is primary slot and working out of box, you need only disable second W98 GPU.. This combination should work (dont
tested it, yet because AMD cards simply better for Windows 98, even with rloew magic patches - in never made Geforce 6/7 working properly - sometime there were ugly exceptions - AMD970, everytime command.com and Dos mode in fullscreen ends with black screen at least with newest drivers.. but older dont support Geforce 6/7 at all..) even with Nvidia + Nvidia, which is otherwise problematic (at least i with some card combination i never get dual gpu stund working - nvidia code 43, not possiblity has 2 nvidia drivers with same filenames installed,
modern gpu in second slot only in VGA safe mode other problem..)

 On not Gigabyte boards, maybe rloew or someone else could create some slot adress remaping tool for autoexec pre boot remapping too, or enable something like linux blacklist (remap them to some
safer space, or make some detection loopback) for some problematic and unwanted cards in Windows 98... there is way how to handle it by software at least on Bios level..

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