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Rho Borg

Anyone know where i may find a copy of MSFN unattended xp guide??

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Long time MSFN lurker,part time Windows OS modder...

that being said,I have a unattended program installation issue i would like remedied via this MSFN forum...I wuold like to install a few 3rd party freeware apps before windows xp completes "gui mode" setup or before windows xp logs onto the user desktop;specifically what is the syntax (using nLite app..or...other setup manager/installation apps??) could i use to accomplish installing these 3rd party apps ...silently,and without errors???

I have "noticed" and "noted" that Windows XP had support withdrawn from MS in 2014...and that the MSFN Unattended XP guide links no longer exist.. : (

hence my frustration with how to install 3rd party apps whilst windows xp reboots to the new user desktop...ie,lack of unattended xp setup documentation for this MS


In any event ,thanks in advance for any helpful information regarding creating batch files/.cmd files ($OEM$ folder method??) and/or .inf files (svcpack method???) to accomplish the aforementioned app installations...and if anyone knows where i may find a pdf copy (no survey link??)of the now defunct MSFN unattended xp guide..would appreciate IT(pun intended)!!

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There are (were) two main unattended guides, they are (largely) available via Wayback machine.

Since their content has not been updated much (if at all) old archives (like 2008/2009 or even earlier) are the same as more recent ones. you will need a bit of patience but everything (or almost everything) should be retrieveable, start here:


The Gosh's site is an issue as it fails to render with *any* browser if not (I believe) Internet Explorer 6 or 7, see:



(you might need to search for direct links posted on the board)



Still most available (or otherways try the Wayback Machine) threads listed here:


may be of use.



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